WealthEdge Financial Advisory: Focused on Profitability Enhancement and Customer Satisfaction

Avik Biswas,Chairman

Avik Biswas


The financial market in India has been consistently undergoing rapid expansions, both in terms of the existing financial service providers as well as the new entities entering the market. While the financial sector is growing, the customers still face a lot of challenges such as high cost of back-end account services, increasing cost of debts, failure in addressing and prioritizing the need of clients, debt recovery methodology, audits, shareholder management, insurance and risk mitigation. Sunil Kumar Pathak, an experienced professional with over 15 years of know-how in managing financial affairs of the corporate and individualsand helping corporates in attaining higher growth echelons. Sunil, during his journey as finance professional realised that financial planning is no longer an option, but a necessity for people across the country. Sensing an opportunity, Sunil incepted WealthEdge Financial Advisory Pvt Ltd, a process-centricfinancial service firm focused on providing profitability enhancement and complete peace of mind to its customers.

Striving for Customer Satisfaction
Established in 2009, WealthEdge offers extensive range of financial services such as Financial Processes, Insurance, Legal Compliance & Registration, Wealth Management, Regulatory Compliance, Portfolio Management, RoI Research, Structured Products, Business Incubation and Project Financing. These services can be categorized as -Individuals &HNI services and Corporate Services. Under Individuals and HNI services, WealthEdge addresses all the legal and financial needs of salaried individuals, self employed or valued investors. It takes care of the customers’ personal interest through financial planning, tax management, family disputes, legal advisory and litigation, Insurance and risk management, advisory on their retirement plan and business models if they ideate one. Corporate range of services caters to the SME sector, wherein end to end life cycle of corporate is being taken care of. Once all registrations, compliance and regulatory services, accounting and suit services have been done, WealthEdge provides complete legal solution to a corporate vis-à-vis its business, be it agreements or any dispute.

"WealthEdge has a very pragmatic approach towards any business. While money is an important factor for us that is not the only consideration we look for when getting associated with any
business. We look for the potential in the idea and the person behind the business, once satisfied, even if the customer cannot afford the fees, we get associated with them by means of equity participation," shares Rahul Kishore Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, WealthEdge Financial Advisory.

Mapping its Path to Excellence
The combined effort of the team at WealthEdge has helped the company serve renowned customers including Volvo Cars, Bata, Tata Motors (Commercial vehicle division) and DLF.In the coming days, WealthEdge has plans of creating a venture fund that caters to the need of HNI by giving them high returns on their investments and same time giving growth impetus to promising startups, which he proudly term as "Value Fund". "while ensuring high ROI to valued investors, we ensure that we also get hold of the financial and legal affairs of the investee company.This allows us to monitor its success. Our vision is completely aligned with the "Make in India" and "Start-up India" policies of present Govt.Being in control of the financial affairs of the investee start-ups, gives us in-depth knowledge of the business and hence helps us fine-tuning our services in accordance with the need of the sector in which the start-up is operating," speaks Sunil. With current equity participation in as many as 10 companies, WealthEdge is all set to make this number bigger and bigger.