WealthTech: On a Mission to Provide Investment Advisory at your Fingertips

India has been witnessing astonishing start-up boom all over the country from the past few decades.

Wealth Tech is aimed at redefining the FinTech landscape with its client centric approach

According to Nasscom, India now ranks third and has emerged as the fastest growing base of start-ups worldwide. With the rising business ventures in India, there has been lot of activity happening in the FinTech space especially in Money and Payments and credit lending but no major innovation has happened in Capital markets and Investments space. Ujjwal Jain sensed this opportunity and ventured out in India leveraging his global markets experience driving innovation through technology. Next logical step was to find the right Indian venture partner and that is when, Ujjwal partnered with Yuvraj Thakker, Managing Director of BP Wealth with deep roots working in Indian markets and together they established Wealth Technology and Services Pvt Ltd in early 2016 to capitalize on unique capabilities they both bring to this venture. A young and dynamic Investment technology firm, Wealth Tech is aimed at redefining the FinTech landscape in India and building unique products for the investment industry keeping technology and innovation at the forefront.
Harnessing the Power of Web 2.0 and Cloud Technology
Headquartered in Mumbai, Wealth Tech strives to serve as an innovation-driven company that aims to offer technological capabilities to provide comprehensive wealth management services to its clients. It comprises of a group of global FinTech experts allied to build a technology platform for providing investment products for Indian Markets encompassing Algorithmic Trading, Structured Investment Products, Investment Advisory, Wealth Management and Brokerage businesses. Committed to bridge the gap between Investment Advisers, Investors and Executing Brokers, Wealth Tech has come up with a new consumer centric technology platform named 'WealthDesk'. This Web 2.0 powered platform's design is aligned to the goals of the investors and investment advisers so as to provide a tech-enabled seamless platform where the transparency is only rivalled by the commitment to performance. "We truly believe that an Investment Adviser's sole responsibility is providing great investment calls based on the risk-return appetite of the Investor. It is an investor's responsibility to understand and effectively manage their investments. WealthDesk takes care of EVERYTHING else. That is why we call it Machine Assisted Human Intelligence for Wealth creation," says Ujjwal,
Avik Biswas,CEODirector and CEO, Wealth Technology & Services Pvt. Ltd.

The core competency of Wealth Tech is a clear reflection of the efforts of their highly skilled professionals who have continuously worked towards meeting the founding objectives of the company. A young firm in its sector, Wealth Tech has already set a benchmark with its exclusive client-centric services and offerings. Speaking of the upcoming plans for Wealth Tech, Ujjwal utters, "When you start a company which is innovation-driven, the biggest challenge that you face is building the right team who can drive innovation. For, Wealth Tech this has been the major focus all throughout since the start. Our CTO Aman Manocha has set the right technological foundation to achieve our objectives working with a high pedigree team. For future, we are all set to launch 'WealthDesk' by first quarter of 2017. This would give customers the freedom to access Investment advisory anytime, anywhere at their fingertip and build future businesses on top of that."