WEQ Technologies: Rendering Full-Spectrum Robust Digital Transformation Solution

  Shahnawaz Shaikh,   Co-FounderThe global digital transformation market was valued at $731.13 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.7 percent between 2023 and 2030. With the number of young firms increasing year on year, there sure is a need for the right consultant who can help you steer through the nitty gritty of digital adoption. WEQ Technologies, a full-service digital solution provider, was founded with the vision of assisting customers in building a strong online presence by developing websites plus apps and assisting the product company’s online sales with seamless integration with analytics. The firm provides complete digital product creation, technological collaboration and support, software product development, and website development. WEQ Technologies is more than just a software firm it aspires to be its clients’ Technological Partner. It develops software for companies that need industrial automation, smart inventory management, and other IT solutions to be competitive.

WEQ Technologies is always upgrading its team as per the latest trend and technologies in the market. The firm has worked on various additional technology, including React Js, Node Js, Java Spring Boot, Next Js, PHP Laravel, and upgraded mobile application development tools that are predestined to create native apps. WEQ Technologies is also developing an
automated script. Aside from development sites, the firm focuses on how to deliver the product so that it is seamless, which is why the firm uses multiple architectures when producing the product, such as Jenkins, CI-CD, DevOps, and many more.

“WEQ Technologies focuses not only on the technology on which the product is built but also on cutting edge technology that is created with the assistance of a tech specialist who considers the notion of developing the product. Each project team includes a project manager, designers, developers, and testers, among others”, shares Nikhil Mistry, Co-Founder, WEQ Technologies. The firm continues to upgrade assets for its employees regularly, and it holds internal meetings every month to discuss what is new in the market. The firm perfectly understands that developing customer-oriented solutions requires a combination of technical competence and clear communication, and it recognizes that each client is unique therefore, it strives to develop bespoke, innovative, and cost-effective solutions each time.

WEQ Technologies recognizes that each client is unique therefore, it strives to develop bespoke, innovative, & cost-effective solutions each time

WEQ Technologies was formed by a group of college students in their last year of engineering in 2014 who aspired to do something on their own. They had all been posted to different positions and were still working as freelancers. They used to work every Saturday and Sunday to keep their passion alive. However, after two years of expertise in the sector, they recognized that the time had come to onboard and do WEQ Technologies full-time. Initially, the firm began with no clients or resources but gradually it started to grow, adding employees and acquiring clients. The firm had started with 5-6 employees and has since grown to 35 crown members who work diligently to service clients. Over the last 7 years, WEQ Technologies has served several reputable national and international enterprises, including Alkem Laboratories, Adani University, and Cimpress, among others. Going forward, WEQ Technologies plans to automate its internal processes and solutions to provide a better experience to its clients. Further, the firm is looking to hire more capable team members, such as developers, project managers, designers, and product managers, for the betterment of the company and to foray into the web three, automation, and AI space. Also, the firm is looking to expand its footprint outside of India to reach a global audience.