Westford Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers: Bringing a Paradigm shift in Insurance Selling & Servicing

Atin Jain, Surajit Gupta & Himanshu Maniar,Co-Founders
Surajit Gupta, Director

Three insurance professionals – Atin Jain, Surajit Gupta & Himanshu Maniar worked in the Insurance Industry for more than two decades and their combined experience is more than 50 years. From 2012 onwards, they had the experience of working in Broking Sector till 2017. It was around 2016 when the ideation of setting up an Insurance Broking company that will add value to clients and not just talk about price and claims took shape. Later in the same year, they gathered their synergies and zeroed in upon creating Westford Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers, a General Insurance Direct Broker catering to Insurance needs of their clients for anything from Bullock carts to space crafts. “We wanted to be that Insurance Broker who will bring in a whiff of fresh air even in the domains which are considered run of the mill; a broker who will always have risk management & value addition as an integral part of the Insurance program. We strive to bring about a paradigm shift in insurance selling and servicing,” speaks Surajit Gupta, Westford.

Westford specialises in structuring Corporate & Industrial insurance solutions - be it related to their assets, employees, liabilities, consequential business risks, transits or any other kind of miscellaneous risks. What makes it stand out in the crowd is the experienced and polished team with the complete range of professionals (in-house) required for managing any large or complex industrial or corporate risk. Team Westford has the exuberance of the youth and sanity of experience, having Insurance experience of more than 100 years between them.
Addressing the Challenges

Largely, the insurance market in India is a regulated one with IRDAI holding the reigns.
There exist challenges and changes regularly in pricing, cover controls, or other policy terms, due to which it has turned highly volatile and dynamic in the past few years. Now the regulator is moving towards a free and open market scenario which means that then only professionals with good knowledge and experience will be able to survive and flourish.

In the near future, team Westford envisions building sustainably the finest and largest locally owned, diversified insurance broking firm in India

Westford is in sync with the prevailing insurance norms and market conditions. Also, to keep pace, the team keeps polishing their expertise and knowledge vis-à-vis the changes in the industry to keep themselves abreast and afloat despite turbulent waters.

Himanshu Mania & Atin Jain, Directors

The company boasts of a highly energetic, experienced and proficient team where all are at the same wavelength as the prevailing market is. “Most of them have been with us for more than 8-10 years now and know each other’s strengths – weaknesses and complement each other where ever needed. We encourage regular training and grooming sessions for them so that they not only learn the new developments happening in the market along with technicalities of insurance products, they also are able to sharpen their skills,” informs Atin.
The Growth

Commencing its operations with only one office in Ahmedabad, Westford today works in more than four territories, with more than 300 corporates using its specialised & unique risk transfer services. In the near future, the company envisions building sustainably the finest and largest locally owned, diversified insurance broking firm in India, to use that strong market presence for the betterment of its clients, whilst demonstrating and earning a reputation for good ethics and a trusted service. “We aim to combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality services along with the use of latest Technology, Risk Management and Innovation to provide the best insurance value for customers,” concludes Himanshu.