Writer Information: Transforming Healthcare Through An Integrated Bouquet Of Services That Improve Patient Care

Chandru Kalro,Managing Director

Chandru Kalro

Managing Director

Technological innovation in healthcare is increasing the operational efficiencies of hospital management, and how patient care is provided in a continuous manner. The demand for innovation to drive simultaneous improvement in health outcomes, affordability, quality, and access continues to be high. Advanced healthcare solutions are making healthcare more sustaining, engaging and accessible to all. Writer Information is one of the very few companies in India to offer an integrated bouquet of services to the healthcare service providers. Right from the physical storage of documents, to their digitization, and providing an integrated content services platform to manage hospital employee onboarding and documents, Writer Information endeavours to offer finest solutions in the areas of HIMS, IVF, and virtual consultation.

"Our approach is to cater to all related solutions and services offerings for healthcare. Our entire solution and services spread helps healthcare institutions to manage the end-to-end data lifecycle management covering all modules to execute disparate hospital systems. Our capabilities span the entire spectrum of data lifecycle. This unique capability has helped us to serve the growing and evolving Information Management needs of over 3000 customers across the globe," said Satyamohan Yanam-baka, CEO, Writer Information.

Variety Of Solutions Under Hospital Management And Healthcare
As an end-to-end data lifecycle management company, Writer Information's unique advantage is in offering a comprehensive set of solutions and services which cater to the core areas of patient care along with additional requirements of the healthcare industry. Its solutions and services for the healthcare sector include HIMS (Hospital Information Management Solution), IVF solution, well-ness solution, Digital Doc4U - a virtual consultation app, and secure storage services for medical and non-medical documents.

Writer Information also offers ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified services for electronic medical records, digitization services, cloud & infrastructure management, and HR on boarding solution for hospital employees. "When healthcare institutions partner with Writer Information, most of their needs are fulfilled at one place. The hospital does not have to undergo many partners to fulfil their requirements for better patient care. Writer Information is thus a one stop shop for the healthcare sector," adds Satyamohan.

Furthermore, keeping pace with the evolving digital landscape around the world, Writer Group has initiated Project DAWN (Digital Acceleration at Writer in New Age). The primary aim of this project is to assess the digital maturity of the businesses and identify potential digital initiatives, leading to high impact opportunities on business improvement and growth. Writer Information's Digital Capability Platform, which includes Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions helps organizations to innovate & redefine their business approach by ensuring a complete digital experience for their customers.
Additionally, Writer Information is associated with Dharana Wellness Retreat, a Writer group subsidiary, offering one-on- one client interactions for online consultations with experts on Ayurveda, diet & exercise.

Writer Information has improved patient facilities, and decreased the cost. It is responsible for positive feedbacks from patients through its self-services like patient portal, IVR, mobile applications, and messaging for interaction, which have certainly eliminated time consumption, and hectic processes for availing treatments during emergency time with accurate doctor and patient-service in-formation. Writer Information application's analytical reporting tools and interfaces have assisted the clients with solutions for multiple operational problems.

To one of its clients, Writer Information's solution has provided detailed reports of service history, which granted the client to resolve patient issue quicker than before, with utmost productivity curating experience of topnotch patient satisfaction.

Elevating Diabetes Patient Care With Real-Time Clinical Data And Continuous Glucose Monitoring
The success of these solutions has helped Writer Information to create a vast clientele list which includes some of the reputed hospital chains in India along with IVF treatment centres. One such solution was served to a healthcare institute which was dealing with diabetic patients. The institute needed an application which will generate centre wise diabetes patient reports listing blood glucose and blood pressure level, in turn enabling the physician to identify promptly patients requiring additional treatment. To achieve this, Writer Information's solution applied data mining and ML methods to extract patient record, clinical data and disease-relevant patterns.

Writer Information's Unique Advantage Is In Offering A Comprehensive Set Of Solutions And Services Which Cater To The Core Areas Of Patient Care Along With Additional Requirements Of The Healthcare Industry

It also used KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Database) process for real-time relevant clinical data sets on continuous glucose monitoring to improve effects of prescriptive lifestyle intervention. Writer Information endeavours to provide an end-to-end secure, efficient and customized healthcare solutions such as HIMS, IVF, wellness along with telemedicine & virtual consultation solutions which can seamlessly and uniquely connect the physical and digital worlds. The offerings are powered by an agile digital platform built on emerging technologies, world-class infra-structure and reengineered processes.

Writer Information is presently creating a collaborative tool known as WRITER Knowledge Managment Platform which is poised to provide different organizations with new perspectives and harness the collective intelligence of the group.

Evolving from an on-premise to SaaS based model that empowers corporations to do away with administrative complexities and provide greater flexibility and scalability, WRITER Information's Infodocs Enterprise Content Management has been a blissful solution.

"Our endeavour is to provide an directive, secure, efficient and customized healthcare solutions such as HIMS, IVF, Wellness along with Telemedicine & Virtual Consultation Solutions which can seamlessly and uniquely connect the physical and digital worlds," concludes Satyamohan.

Chandru Kalro, Managing Director
Service Offerings:
• Business Process Services
• Secured Storage Services
• Cloud and Data Centre Services
• Enterprise Content Management Solutions
• Healthcare Solutions and Services

Core Beliefs:
• Our approach to business is tech driven, "start-up" culture with ownership and accountability percolating to every role that exists in the organization
• We believe in not an "open door "approach but a "no door " approach
• At Writer Information, it's critical that a new employee settles down in the quickest possible timeframe once on-boarded. Our WOW program does exactly that, and through concerted touch points, our intent is to create a sense of belongingness right from Day 1
• Overall we have a culture that is forward looking & puts equal importance to all employees irrespective of where they could be in the pyramid.