Xcelerate Consulting: Helping Businesses maximize performance on Amazon Marketplace

Piyush Gupta,   Founder

Piyush Gupta


Mumbai based Xcelerate Consulting, a one-stop consulting and service provider for all e-commerce marketplace needs, commenced its journey as a seller on Amazon and various e-commerce marketplaces in 2012. “Companies such as Amazon have now become an important channel for sellers not only to sell their product but to promote their brand as well. Recognizing the growing needs of brands looking to find success on Amazon, we started consulting with and managing Amazon accounts. With years of experience, helping brands of all sizes succeed we have become a full service Amazon account management company focused on improving rankings, boosting conversions and increasing sales velocity. We provide ongoing Amazon seller account management,” informs Piyush Gupta, Founder.

As a one-stop consulting and service provider for all e-commerce marketplace needs, Xcelerate provides expert, affordable consultancy to help businesses get started with selling on e-commerce marketplaces, manage their account, and help them grow and reach more buyers online. The company provides expert, smart,
bespoke &affordable consulting & services to companies & brands looking to find success and expand online. “We work on goals, mutually discussed and designated goals. Our approach is inclusive and collaborative and transparent. We excel based on research,client collaboration and most importantly, innovative thinking. Our team of consultants & strategists follow various market trends and technological advancements to learn how to subtly differentiate our clients from the rest,” Piyush mentions.

Xcelerate provides expert, smart,bespoke &affordable consulting & services to companies & brands looking to find success and expand online

Addressing the Challenges
The Amazon Marketplace presents a complicated yet challenging environment for people new to the market and for experienced sellers. Xcelerate’s clients broadly are classified under two categories - those that are new to Amazon and want to begin selling as quickly and efficiently as possible and established brands that need a customized strategic plan to grow their profits. The major challenges faced by sellers in this industry include sales conversion, building rand recognition, pricing competition, customer loyalty, product return rate and keeping abreast with the dynamically ever changing policy and technological changes. Team Xcelerate recognizes these challenges faced by the sellers and provide tailored
solutions to its clients by understanding their needs, conducting an in-depth analysis and coming up with smart solutions to these challenges.

The company has helped several brands to increase their visibility and expand their business online. “We have had the opportunity to work with clients from many different categories and have helped them tackle complex problem. Working with these clients has helped us expand our knowledge and helped us improve as consultants,” he asserts.

The Journey
Xcelerate is currently in its growth phase. The team’s current efforts are directed towards acquiring clients and identification and understanding of the profile of their ideal target population. “We are trying to acquire, reach out to clients in order to help them achieve a higher level of profitability on their products by managing their account and helping them tackle problem faced on a day to day basis so they can focus on what they do best to grow the rest of their business. In the years to come, the company aims to showcase processes in ecommerce processes as accountable and transparent, make ecommerce/ online selling mainstream in India, demystify and to eradicate misperceptions of the trade- to reduce perceived barriers that discourage people to explore potential prospects in ecommerce. “We would continue providing support services to prospective players/ businesses in the commerce world and leverage quality of life clients by assisting in a smooth and flawless user experience,” Piyush concludes.