XORISK Consulting: A Lean Organization that is Killing the Licensing Chaos

Uttam Kumar,Managing Partner
Uttam Kumar
Managing Partner

In India, 58 percent of the software installed on computers is not properly licensed, according to BSA’s survey titled ‘Seizing Opportunity through License Compliance - 2016’. Many companies are starting on the journey to license their software but finding it difficult to deal with multiple audit requests and consider them as waste of time and non-productive & non-revenue generating activities. As a consequence, several organizations are taking a look at Software Asset Management (ITAM) services as a way to meet these challenges and more quickly achieve the desired business outcomes.

Bangalore-based XORISK Consulting LLP renders a range of software license optimization managed services, including ITAM, License risk management, Solution advisory, SAM process assessment and Audit Advisory & Support that showcase businesses what all software is to be used & licensed, are shelf-ware & at risk of compliance, cost & lifecycle, RoI on software investment, and reclaim/optimization of licenses. “We call ourselves as 'The SAM Maze Runner' who knows all the loopholes, tactics, and contracts.
Our knowledge combined with our experience make us the best bet that any organization can take, if they want to solve their licensing chaos. XORISK’s aim is to 'Kill the Licensing Chaos' and make life simpler for the clients,” professes Uttam Kumar, Managing Partner, XORISK consulting.

"Our USP of maintaining a ‘No Audit & No Reselling’ goes a long way to give our clients the confidence they want to have in their IT services partner"

Today, 80 percent revenue of SAM service providers are generated from avenues such as software reselling or vendor sponsored audits. XORISK is neither a software reseller nor an audit partner to any OEM or vendor/publisher. Focusing completely on compliance & security domain, this truly-independent company also renders IT asset management & Cyber-security advisory, Infrastructure management and Assessment & Bench marking services to minimize the pain associated with license audits. In contract, the firm has already integrated analytics within its deliverables by developing in-house data consolidation & modeling techniques, whereas its data-centric assignments showcase licensing rules, expert analysis and compliance levels. “Our USP of maintaining a ‘No Audit & No Reselling’ goes a long way to give our clients the confidence they want to have in their IT services partner,” states Kusum Singh, Director & Partner, XORISK Consulting.

Un-Matched Security Measures
XORISK leverages cloud, secure connectivity and partner platform
to deliver its wide spectrum of services. The enterprise takes just 24 hours to complete the documentation before initiating any assignment and grants its entire services at 30 percent less than market price, representing its flexibility, speed and cost-effectiveness. Besides, this customer-centric venture maintains internal Chinese walls and adheres to stringent data handling & protection mechanisms, thereby giving role-based access to resources for respective information and peace of mind & confidence to customers, while doing business with them. Any client or engagement related information is not leveraged for further revenue generation, as such practices have been observed in market. “We are usually approached by clients when there is a fire. However, few of them even approached us to optimize their spending on software, conduct baseline assessments, and assist them in gaining visibility into complex licensing of IT Estate,” avers the duos.

With six decades of industry experience, XORISK’s team leaves no stone unturned to understand customer pain points, auditor mind-set, OEM compliance program nuances & software transaction, and works on their behalf to conduct various ITAM procedures and even assist them with best risk addressing mechanisms and corrective actions. It is the result of their hardwork that today, XORISK serves multiple clients PAN India and overseas ranging from new-age startups to Fortune 500 MNCs, and aims to enter Rs.100 crore club in the next five years.