Yogi & Partners: Empowering Business to be Legally Compliant

Yoginder Singh, Founder & Managing Partner

Yoginder Singh

Founder & Managing Partner

Corporate Legal Consulting always played a pivotal role in the growth of any institution. The growing complexities and stringency of the legal framework have increased the need for Legal consultancy exponentially. The Indian market is one of the fastest growing economies and having a huge untapped consumer pool. To stride forward hassle free, it has become pertinent to be legally compliant across industry verticals especially with regards to due diligence, commercial contract, capital induction documentation, civil liability joint venture, registrations, and acquisitions to name a few. Industries are now expected to be compliant with the International Standards and certifications by the endconsumer to garner their trust and thus to become significant players in the market.

The industry requires a partner to rely instinctively upon and who offers robust solutions that are delivered in time-bound manner and are adaptable to the diverse and unique peculiarities of each business model ensuring success. Working on the same principles, Yogi & Partners aims to provide an all inclusive one-stop solution to the legal and regulatory compliance requirements of the business. With the consistency of delivering a successful and secured journey for its clients by offering holistic and inhouse counsel like services. Guiding its clients from precompany inception to post, including capital induction, foreign exchange inflow reporting, obtaining of all required licenses and registrations be it under Food Safety and Standards Act, Drugs and Cosmetic Act,
Importer Exporter Code, Office establishment, Tax laws, Labour Laws to name a few. To strike the home run, they have expertise in providing comprehensive counsel in the field of Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Legal Compliance & Corporate Governance, Data Protection Laws, Economic Legislations and Commercial documentation.

“While we pride ourselves in our turnaround time, but my personal commitment is in providing excellence and the best-in-class services with uncompromising dedication towards client’s interest. We have helped our clients in understanding the Indian Legal Landscape and in drafting strategies for successful entry to Indian market especially in the field of Direct Selling, Food and Cosmetics. We take care of all commercial documentation such as with manufacturers, vendors, third party logistic suppliers, imports, trademarks, and other registrations. We offer solutions that are specifically client oriented, and if the need arises, we provide litigation support in area of Economic offence.” says Yoginder Singh, Founder and Managing Partner at Yogi & Partners.

The team at Yogi and Partners under stands that no two clients are the same and cannot be handed over the same solution

Client Specific and Business Oriented Solutions
The team at Yogi and Partners understands that no two clients are the same and cannot be handed over the same solution. They work as in house counsels and understands the working of their clients and business model to offer solutions that are practical and implementable without causing business disruption, which shall be the goal of any legal consultancy firm. Yogi and Partners is a firm of young and driven lawyers with a combined experience of 35 years in the industry, chosen from some of the best and renowned law colleges in India.

They understand the need of client and keep abreast with the changing dynamics of the industry and legal ecosystem, to be able to offer personalized solutions to their clients. While guiding and handling several well-known Direct Selling players to establish a base and navigate the tides in a volatile market such as India, Yogi & Partners have proved their mantle time after time.

“As the Indian economy grows and consumer expenditure increases, the transnational corporations in the area of Food, Cosmetics and Direct Selling will be expanding into India. As the Industry will grow so will the need to comply with the applicable international standards and nuances of the law. This is where we step into the shoes of our clients in setting up their business and in adopting practices which are in the best interest of our clients and Indian consumers,” concludes Yoginder.