Expected Trends: Wealth Management Post This Pandemic

Satyen is a Stanford alumni in Computer Science, HCI and Tech Entrepreneurship. He spent 15 years in Silicon Valley learning his craft with Apple and Frog Design. He then embarked upon his own startup journey in the US & India. He is also the founder of Citrus Pay ­ India's first digital payment gateway and a successful venture that sold for USD $130M in 2016.

The New Normal. What is the new normal going to look like for the wealth management industry? Well in the words of Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changing”. We can see clear indicators of this as investors are finally questioning the quality of advice they have been getting. In addition, there is a strong inclination towards emerging markets among investors. India, in particular, is a promising market for investors looking for high-growth opportunities.

New technology-driven investment platforms have already minimized the need for traditionally tedious paperwork. As economic barriers continue to fall, ethical, transparent and technology-driven wealth management will flourish more post the pandemic.

The opportunity for quality, ethical investing in emerging markets
While the shape, size and scale of change are all yet to unfold, we can be certain that the investors will now demand clarity, quality and more personalized wealth management. Apps and web platforms that are doing this well, will play a more pivotal role in the post-pandemic era. This, of course, is with a caveat because the inherent flaw of many DIY Investment platforms & the value of long-term investment advice has become more evident than ever before.

This will have a direct impact on how people approach investments after the COVID-19 pandemic. Investors are looking away from traditional wealth management to more modern-day tech-driven platforms. The demand for simple, jargon-free investment advice is already growing. People don’t want to be overwhelmed by graphs, charts & tables. They are tired of being mis-sold to and have seen first-hand that high-quality investment advice can do wonders.

Conversations and consultations between wealth coaches, financial advisors & customers are happening much faster via video conferencing or telephone

Understanding why people are looking at Asia and specifically India for investment is also simple. Seeing the big markets shake through these turbulent times a lot of investors are turning to emerging-markets that have higher growth potential. Now that accessibility is nearly a non-issue, even NRIs can invest in India using their local US accounts or by using NRE accounts. The desire to participate in the growth of emerging economies was always there. What’s interesting is that improved access amplified by this pandemic has made investors hungry. The change is almost intuitive. Economies and markets across Southeast Asia & India have displayed great resilience. That has made them proven candidates both from the returns and diversification point of view.

Less DIY more guided investing
Meanwhile, wealth management firms will change how they function a lot as well. We are fortunate enough to be in an industry where people can work remotely & efficiently. Wealth management like many other industries can afford to primarily work online. Most of the workforce can work without being physically present in an office space. This enables those in the industry to give customers what they are seeking now more than ever before - guidance.

Conversations and consultations between wealth coaches, financial advisors & customers are happening much faster via video conferencing or telephone. While it will eventually be possible for people to meet their financial advisors face to face, many will choose not to. This pandemic has led to heightened adoption of technology. The sheer convenience of conducting business virtually has served both the investor and wealth management companies.

Of course, this only works if your customers can trust you and you have a clear mission statement. This is why Cube’s Philosophy of building the Perfect Portfolio through patient long-term investments is grabbing attention across the industry. We’re building a marketplace that offers high-quality assets and expert advisors. There is nothing smart investors love more!