The Technology Aspect in Healthcare Domain

The Technology is a word where we assume many things in many ways in terms of technical framework or a domain. The world has different varieties of natural knowledge which is known to be a collection center of the data around its scope and so goes for Technology. We inherit the changes that are required for the said domain and the perception of the changes are ongoingevery time - so goes for Healthcare Technology.

Healthcare in Technology has a lot to do on the primary scope as it is the baseline of all the related functionalities and their growth in terms of digital life structure. When we talk about the technology in Healthcare – The only word exists i.e., digitization. There can be immerse understanding on the technical part in healthcare as it exists for the computerized system into existence. Clinician and the Paramedical team are well known into the existence of the same domain over healthcare sector. The word Healthcare Information System or Hospital Information System ecosystem built in order to keep the data lakes of the various technology and the services.

When we talk about the People or let’s say it in healthcare language as patients – they are more focused into the digital way of getting the services from the hospital. Every healthcare sector has their HIS for storing the Patient Demographic data and their respective Clinical Consultation Bookings and Visits. On base of these applications - there is architecture for supporting and providing robust & secured mechanism to run these Application. The Data structure is very important aspect on the top of the layer. At baseline- network structure and the Security framework works. The redundant and quick access of the records over several medium is also important.

Let’s talk in details- Say a healthcare organization having their HIS and EMR system running over private cloud setup and for the mobile App they have associated the data structure via API to get it connected over public cloud for hosting. In case of any pilferage or any data leak, they have multilayer security services like Firewall, DDOS, NOC, SOC, PIM PAM etc. etc. ... Being into the new age Healthcare profession we have understood the AI- Artificial intelligence existence has come across and it will cover the domain almost 90% within 10 years from now. If we see different IOT tool, we can observe that the through put as an AI driven outcome derived from them only. It has already been into action which is similar fashion of AI. The growth and the development over the AI have a vast ocean which will rise after a decade into more existence.

The future of healthcare technology has a huge domain and a scope, the way we need the structure and the workflow should be reworked and changes are necessity- always for the growth and development of the organization.

The Network Security is directly proportional to a huge business impact as it will be an impact on the technical domain where our HIS and EMR are been used. Ifwe talk about electronic health records then it has another area or say opportunity for clinician focusing into digital method to record patient data. The Clinical digitized Note and the patient vital is very important parameter in terms of study and research. Clinician or Researcher often visualize the past stored data in order to find the pattern of the treatment for future and this data are very much essential in order to kept in secured format- so being a Health care Technology architecture, what I suggest is the Cyber security to be strengthen within an organization. The value and the role of this domain should be very much important across.

The Healthcare Technology is not only limited to Application or Security scope, it has huge opportunity towards IT Infrastructure too. When we say IT Infra-, It has lot of aspects, majorly a compliance section which I want to pin down.

Here are the lot of points - every healthcare organization IT person follows in order to achieve the compliance and maintain the governance.

The future of healthcare technology has a huge domain and a scope, the way we need the structure and the workflow should be reworked and changes are necessity- always for the growth and development of the organization. The major consensus is the upgrade budget and as it is an integral part of the life cycle of an organization, so we need to follow with the changes ahead. E.g.: If a healthcare change management on any hospital Specialty/department has ceased to the usage of the technology upgrade then it may be cumbersome or handling full fledge technology or digitization of the same. Say Oncology is one of the examples where we can start working on the EHR part for developing and revamping the structure or a workflow related to Medication protocol or the Storing huge records.

We being into the healthcare domain – ROBOTIC surgery and the usage of the Radiology PACS images also being into the huge scope of technology has evolved us to focus a various section of the infra-Tech refresh and it has an impact on the modernization of the technology also. The beautification leds here since the IT people loves to work on the various technologies and get immense learning view too.