Outplacement - A New Branding Tool for Organisations

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Nowadays, the business environment is advancing at a revolutionary speed due to development in technology, regulatory frameworks or due to the impact of political or economic implementation in the local, national and global environment. Every organisation is struggling a lot from their end to stick their steps in the market and manage every situation which is beyond their control.

With rapid uncertainties in the market, no business owners have the capability to predict the uncertainties that can affect their success in the future. Thus, people are more dependent on shorterm strategies instead of long-term strategies which are not going to benefit in the long run. Now the question arises, as an HR manager, how can you knob with these bearings. What is now commonly referred to as VUCA era (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). Volatility the rate of change, Uncertainty- unclear about the situation, Complexity Multiple key decision factors and Ambiguity Lack of clarity about the definition of an event.

The Business Owners & HR Managers Need to Change the VUCA
. Volatility into Vision
. Uncertainty into Understanding
. Complexity into Clarity
. Ambiguity into Alignment

Challenges an HR Faces in VUCA Times
Deep Analysis of Business to its Core: When HR takes the responsibility to understand and completely analyze every business process and functions they can better take decisions in recruiting the employees with the right skills and proper management of people. A fundamental understanding of business operations helps an HR person to better understand the technical skills of employees, which best suits for different positions in organisations and also to performance management and talent discussions by organizing necessary training and development programs.

HR as a Business Partner: HR is no longer considered as a person to handle the recruitment, administration and payroll process. HR has now became an all-rounder to attend the all business operations and take steps according to changes taking place in the market. Sticking to a single business process is no
longer a strategy that can help the HR and Business owners to get a solution for their long-term business operations. Changing and adapting to new challenges and implementing new processes will only help them to survive in this challenging world. HR plays a pivotal role by partnering with business owners in every business operations before it hits the business operations.

The HR work is not confined to a particular limit, rather it has become a necessity of the HR to take care of the complete organisational responsibilities

Leverage Technology & Innovate: Technology has come into action in every HR activities such as in advertising of vacant positions, interviewing, filtering of candidates, hiring, employee data management, background checks, talent management, performance management, employee forums, communication and information desk, et cetera. A little focus on innovating and implementing new technologies in every HR operations and functions can help the HR manager to a great extent in dealing with VUCA times with confidence.

Technology is developed to some extent which can completely replace the human with the software apps, even robots are conducting the interviews and evaluating the ability of the candidate based on the skills required for the vacant position. The traditional way of handling the HR functions has completely changed and even in some places, the HR has been replaced with a robot to perform operations.

Performance Management: In the VUCA world, where we can’t predict what happens in business in the next second and in such a rapidly changing situation. The HR needs to be active with the necessary arrangements before it can affect the business operations. Upgradation of skills, training and development programs will become the key points to build capabilities in people and multitasking abilities that can cover the situation that arise due to VUCA conditions.

HR can identify the skills that hinder the efficiency employees and help them to showcase it and promote such talents for critical projects and assignments. The HR managers should develop the internal people in order to deliver training that will be more cost-effective than hiring people from outside and leverage out of it.

Culture of Change: The HR manager plays a major role at times of changing market conditions. They need to change the culture of the workplace according to the market by keeping in mind the expectations and comfort of all employees. Now, the HR work is not confined to a particular limit, rather it has become a necessity of the HR to take care of the complete organisational responsibilities while focusing on
the goals.

How will Outplacement Work as a New Branding Tool for the Organisation at VUCA Times?
Outplacement comes with lots of options to the HR Manager to handle the business operations during the changing needs of the market. Outplacement services can be utilized in many cases such as when:
• Employees are not capable enough to handle the changing needs of the company
• Employees can’t be shifted to another branch or their skills can’t be utilized in any business operation.
• Employee skills can’t be upgraded
• To protect the brand of the company
• Downsizing of the company

In all these conditions, outplacement can prove to be an efficient method at the time of VUCA for all organisatisons irrespective of their size.