The Future Of Video Conferencing Platforms In India And The Trends That Can Be Foreseen

Manodh Mohan, Founder and CEO, Skyislimit TechnologiesManodh started off as a Flight steward for Air Deccan for a brief period and prior to that he completed MBA in Finance. In 2020, Manodh's Skyislimit Technologies Pvt Ltd turned a new leaf in innovation with the launch of a highly advanced, secure and flexible `Made in India' video conferencing platform `Fokuz' during the unprecedented times when businesses across the world are shifted to remote working and given the increasing demand for a safe and hassle-free platform, `Fokuz' was developed in a short span of four months.

Technology being one of the industries that saw a boom during the pandemic, it is inevitable to highlight on the increasing use of video conferencing platform. People and organisations are still in search for a safe, secure and user-friendly platform, nevertheless having quite many to choose from made in India, US and China among others. With each new platform introducing a distinct feature, this innovation industry is expected to continuously evolve even after the ongoing times.

Video meetings will see more integrations with productivity tools
Video meetings are on high demand. With businesses having presence in multiple location around the globe, video meetings help establish easy collaborations and communication. Unlike past years, video conferencing now has widespread adoption in most of the industries including healthcare, education, and law to name a few. But the question is, how effective is the video conferencing applications in escalating one's business activities and opportunities. No! But, a smart integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into a video conferencing application can do marvels.

The future of video conferencing applications enable organizations to restructure the workflow and auto-mate manual chores intelligently amid their video conferences. Be it creating teams, assigning tasks to teams, sharing documents or every other such activities, the AI-driven application should make conference rooms smarter and run meetings more competently.

Gamification will be incorporated into video meetings
Unlike direct office meeting, attending video meetings for a longer period can be monotonous and unproductive. A gamification angle to the meetings can help enhance
employee engagement and boost the productivity of the team. Implementation of elements like points, rewards and badges into the context makes the process stimulating.

There will be days, where the employers would be dividing the employees into groups and collaborate them in activities that could fetch them rewards and badges. It could even be for just being the first person to check in to a meeting or to being the highest contributor. Video meetings integrated with gamification can take business and its working culture to another level.

Better Visuals & Acoustics to Grab More Attention
As video conferencing penetrates more in the market in the near future, employers and employees will equally have demand for smarter and refined visual communication. From high quality hardware products like micro LED display screens to video conferencing applications that provide highly quality audio and video experience to cut out the stress and set up customized meeting room set up.

One will even see machine learning programs transcribing the audios and sorting out the number of attendees and insights of their engagement rate

Artificial Intelligence is also expected to join video meeting rooms as facilitator. One will even see machine learning programs transcribing the audios and sorting out the number of attendees and insights of their engagement rate. Coming to Acoustics, AI will also cut off noises from the meeting. While, machine learning algorithms will discern the active speaker, ensures the voice is clearly heard by minimizing the background disturbances. In short, in your future meetings, no distant chatters or car horns are going to disrupt the meeting.

Live Video Editing
In addition to blur or virtual back-grounds, future video conferencing applications will have more live editing capabilities. Users can now make team meeting livelier and more interactive with live video editing. The easy and innovative set of live video editing tools should be enabling the users to think out of the box and make the meetings more interactive and ergonomic. In the coming years, businesses can see amazing ideas from their creative teams during the team meetings and webinars.

Enhanced Security and Privacy
With black hat taking its toll, businesses need most safe and secure platform to protect their data and communications against frauds. With security and privacy being top priorities for businesses, video conferencing platforms will integrate innovative solutions to prevent interceptions and protect data. For instance, one can see intrusion detection systems, multi-level authentication systems, vulnerability scans and fraud analytics systems in near future that makes video conferencing platform highly secure.

As per the study conducted by GLOBAL MARKET INSIGHTS, Asia Pacific video conferencing market revenue is predicted to expand at 23% CAGR through 2026 due to favourable government initiatives for enhancing the network infrastructure coupled with adoption of advanced technologies across corporate and healthcare sectors.

The post pandemic world appears to be very different in terms of everything with special emphasis on our work life. Remote working has become the new norm and many organisations are even considering to continue realizing its financial benefits. Video conferencing platforms are here to stay and virtual conferences and interactions will be able to bring in certain elements of the events with continued innovation. Though many might argue other industries will be disrupted by technology, it is this that kept our work going and stay connected since the pandemic till never know when.