Vehicle Tracking Bringing Transparency In Delivery Of Material

Biren Parikh, CIO, Cera Sanitaryware Biren Parikh is a experienced Chief Information Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the building materials industry

An organizations need material movement/tracking every moment and everywhere for smooth functioning with higher success ratio. For material delivery, Vehicle Tracking is to make it accessible and affordable to the organization, increasing the feeling of safety and security for both inside and outside at work premises.

Nowadays, many organizations are working with very tight supply chain process for betterment of production schedule on timely manner. For this purpose, JIT(Just In Time) process takes very effective role into it. Clients(Customer/Vendor) have to send/receive material as and when required by buyer and strictly within time frame also. In this situation, Vehicle Tracking is much useful for delivery to buyer in time and when they want it for further process with transparency also.

Material delivery operations management and associated cost translate to a very high proportion of the organizations’ total spent. If it is analyzed properly &effectively used, it will bring tremendous cost benefit directly to the organization.

Vehicle Tracking Solution gives moral turpitude to the organization & client(Customer/Vendor)in terms of materials/products delivery at expected time.
It helps the organization increase goods/materials safety, reduce traffic congestion and accidents, lessen carbon emissions, and also minimize the overall financial expenses(its direct cost benefits).

The Need
•Many a times, materials/products are not delivered in time or are delayed because of spoilage, wastage, breakup, loss, theft, etc.
•Some of materials/products like,
•Food (i.e. Milk, Water, Chocolate, Icecreme, Vegetables, Grains, Pizza, etc.)
•Precious Metal (i.e. Precious stones, Dimond, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Zink, Steel, etc.)
•Medical (i.e. Blood, Body part, etc.)
•Others (i.e. Mobile Phones, Luxury Watches, Furniture, Clothes, etc.)

For an example to understand above situation as below,

Suppose, a vehicle containing Icecrème is going for delivery to a client/dealer in other city.

All of a sudden, this vehicle has break-down in any of below reasons,
i.e.(1) Accident happen to the vehicle
(2) Cooling problem/temperature
(3) Wrong route selection
(4) Traffic Jam
(5) Tyre puncture
(6) Any other breakdown

So the organization will not be aware of the situation in absence of any good tracking system. In above any of reason, the material will be spoiled/ wasted or not delivered to client on time & in good condition. It’s a fairly business loss to the organization.

The Solution: Vehicle Tracking
Proper material handling through Vehicle Tracking solution for the organization streamlines delivery processes, reduce costs, increase quality control and improve clients service/experience. Through, GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking, one can know the vehicle movement, route, speed, time, etc. GPS trackers form an invisible shield against crime.

Vehicle Tracking system will provide location data and analyzed patterns to help the organization strategically
plan everyday activities and make more efficient use of resources in timely manner for productive output. The solution save time and efforts of users (Managers and Drivers).

Key focus area is a selection/implementation of a solution to meet the organizations’ needs to track materials/products through Vehicle Tracking effectively & efficiently.

Adoption of Vehicle Tracking solution creates efficiency in a digital world with clear vision on time for delivery of materials/products, which improves productivity and efficiency of organization & client too.

Ease of use of technology gives fast adoption of solution & good change management towards effectiveness of material movement

Every Solution/Service provider of Vehicle Tracking, continuously give thought for highest possible level of service with innovation in technology and software for betterment of proper Vehicle Tracking.
Some of the key features as below,

•Get notified in case of Vehicle health issue including low battery, high coolant temperature and engine trouble etc.
•See detailed path of moving Vehicle(updated every schedule time frame) and current speed
•Know drivers behavior and save fuel
•Engine Access: Switch on or switch off vehicle using your mobile, from anywhere. A great feature for theft and related emergencies
•Sends SMS/Call alert when the vehicle is Turned On/ Off, Over Speed alert, GEO Fence alert
•Data Statistics: Get Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time, Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed and Average Speed for everyday travel of vehicle
•Live Tracking: Realtime location and address(with mobile app also)
•Get push notification on Vehicle entry and exit from safezone (GEO fence). This features keeps you updated for all entries and exist with timestamp

Some of the key benefits as below,
•Location of Vehicle
•Condition of Vehicle (minimize breakdown / stuck / wrong track / traffic jam, etc.)
•Lead Time for transportation
•JIT(Just In Time) can be achieved
•Improved customer service and satisfaction
•Reduce total cost of operations
•Improved operational efficiencies
•Realtime visibility and support decision system
•Manpower effectiveness
•Reducing paper works
•Minimal follow-up with vendor to deliver Products/ Goods on time(current status)
•Fuel Efficiency (i.e. From Distance travelled to fuel consumption)
•Efficient Schedule
•Over speeding alarm function,Parking notifications, Location history

The Vehicle Tracking system can also be linked to ERP system for better & automatic accounting entries. It will reduce manual entries for transportation bills & payment process in timely manner.

AI/IoT: Added Advantage
Organizations can use AI(Artificial Intelligent) & IoT(Internet Of Thing) on top of Vehicle Tracking solution to get more efficient advantages for proper material/ goods delivery management.

Powerful features of both technologies(i.e. sending signals, alerts, data analysis, etc.)will be added advantage to further strengthen & streamline material delivery process.

AI helps the organization to make more effective by enhancing the accuracy of data from material delivery and by making corrective measures more effective & efficient way.

IoT provides detailed & improved communication, control, and data distribution to organization. Which will analyze for further enhancement of delivery process.

User can do analyze for the driver behavior, vehicle conditions, route analysis, traffic jam, heavy rush, best route etc. for good delivery of materials/goods to client in schedule time.

Success Mantra
Focus on data insights driven problem resolution for superior end user/customer/vendor satisfaction.

By continuous training to the end-user will not be encourage in any pitfalls. Good user manual & support will increase adoptability of any application/solution.

Ease of use of technology gives fast adoption of solution & good change management towards effectiveness of material movement.

Now-a-days, it gives users an eerie feeling to adopt new Technologies/Solutions for ease of their day-to-day routine jobs. CIO must have to be cognitive for achieving the Organizations vision with selecting/ implementing best Technologies/Solutions.