Remote Working Boosts Data Center Demand

Holding two decades of experience in profit center management, sales & market operations, business development and others, Subhamkar is bringing positive changed within the organization.

The world of business and life globally has witnessed a radical change in its landscape because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden and almost meteoric rise in digital adoption, and the rapid transition to telecommuting and usage of remote working tools have occasioned a paradigm shift in the way business is now conducted across the globe. As a result, the unprecedented demand for technology-based solutions has, in turn, increased the demand for data centers to perform and support this transformation. 

Business models with IT at the core seem to be leading the charge. Several technologies giants are already toying with the idea of deepening and institutionalizing the remote working model, with up to 75 percent of the workforce expected to significantly reduce the time they spend in offices in the new, post-lockdown era.  

The recent partnership between India’s telecom giant and America’s social media and technology monolith has been forged to improve the quality of life of Indian citizens, and opening up commerce opportunities for people across the country -- once life limps back into a state of normalcy and beyond. The initiatives under this partnership are estimated to propel India as the world’s leading digital society and aid it in its path of economic recovery. This will involve building support capabilities for running IoT, AI, and ML-based intelligent systems that exchange data in real-time. 

What is noteworthy is the fact that the overall transformation is not just limited to urban centers; rural geographies too have begun accepting new business models and service provisions. Amidst the seemingly turbulent wave of sweeping changes, datacenter firms will need to swiftly gauge and assess the evolving needs of their clients, bolster capabilities and ramp up the existing infrastructure to rise and support the new data economy. 

Datacentres need to upgrade the capacity, network and enhance data security. With increasing reliance on video conferencing tools and enhanced bandwidth, the demand for more processing power is inevitable. To partner with clients in their journey of digital transformation, data center operators will need to refine their approach and look at aspects they have never done before. Data centers of the new data economy will need to focus on brand building, improving customer service infrastructure, and developing new offerings to support their clients’ needs. They will need to widen their addressable geographic markets to effectively reach their target markets.

With a large segment of the workforce working remotely, organizations will require data centers that support their needs to build the necessary technical capabilities, which will include establishing an effective decision-making framework and inculcating a culture of customer-centricity.

As the demand for Datacentre increases, it’s a business imperative for service providers to develop their infrastructure before they offer the option of scale and flexibility to their clients. Datacentre infrastructure has never been so important and critical for businesses and economy to continue to stay active and grow in these pandemic times.