Singh Intelligence Security: Offering Total Security Solutions At Competitive Rates

N.K Singh, Founder & ChairmanInitially established in the year 1982 as an individual ownership company run by N.K Singh, Singh Intelligence Security has made significant strides forward in the security solution domain since its humble beginning. The Founder of Singh Intelligence, N.K Singh was distressed to see large scale dacoities and robberies occurring at an uncontrollable rate in residential housing societies back in the 1980s. This inspired him to bring some guards from his native place and start an individually run company that provides guards to housing societies from 1982 to 2004. From 2004 to 2020, in the span of 15 years Singh Intelligence Security witnessed rapid growth and expanded its security services both in terms of geographical presence as well as in terms of the types of security services and domain of influence. As of today, Singh Intelligence is an ISO9001:2008 government-certified organization providing security services all over India. The company has 24 branches spread across India, and so far has obtained PSRA Licence in 19 states. On the success of the company the Founder and Chairperson says, "I am proud that SISPL has over 35 years of experience as a security company and is one of the best in India."

Services & Solutions Offered:
The agency has a well qualified team of security professionals that has more than 35 years of experience in the field. Singh Intelligence Services provides security solutions and services the fields of Event Management, Retail Management, Electronic Surveillance, K9 Squads, Cash vans and many more areas of need. From the gunmen that accompany the cash transforming vehicles from bank-to-bank to providing security in event management, physical guards to housing societies, attending VIPs and famous personalities, Singh Intelligence Security offers security solutions in all conceivable requirements. Apart from these, the agency provides security to commercial organizations with facilities such as CCTV cameras controlled by 24/7 command centres. They monitor entry and exit points, parking facilities, regular entry
and exit of regular employees in Malls and other gathering places. In the modern times, where there is risk from all walks of life, armed guards become a necessity in places such as Banks, Industrial Institutes and factories. These places feel a sense of protection and comfort when armed guards are patrolling. Singh Intelligence Security caters to such needs and ensures that the clients get the right kind of services.

Singh Intelligence is heavily involved in interlinking their security services with the assistance of technology. They have facilitated secured warehouses where goods worth crores of rupees can be stored, which is constantly monitored by CCTV cameras. The company follows an approach of part security and part surveillance, which is unique among the Security Solutions providers.

Singh Intelligence Security follows an approach of part security and part surveillance, which is unique among the Security Solutions providers

The agency has introduced e-surveillance that is connected to the physical guards. This allows the agency to keep a check on their guards as well. The team at the command centres maintains 24/7 tracking of the guards. This ensures that the quality of performance is maintained as well. Singh Intelligence Security is very flexible while dealing with the clients. For instance, if the client wants a cost-effective solution, then the agency provides a part physical and part surveillance solution to its clients. In relation to the clients, the company Founder says, "Message to our client is that we are expanding and we have the technology and we can give total security solutions to our clients".

Security Training Initiatives
The agency faces the challenge of high attrition rates, wherein people join and leave for places like Bengaluru where they get attractive packages from companies like Zomato and Swiggy. To deal with the shortage of manpower, Singh Intelligence started training its security guards. Singh Intelligence has made a lot of headway as far as security training practices are concerned. The company has got two main training centres ­ one at Alibagh near Mumbai and the other one in the city of Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Both the training centres are recognised and approved by the Government of India's Ministry of Home Department. These are authorized training centres that give security training and issues certificates to anyone enrolled in it. Apart from providing security training to their own security guards, Singh Intelligence is also providing trained security guards to other organizations and government departments such as Security Development Council of India.

The Future Ahead
Singh Intelligence Security recently had their annual conference and get-together where the agency is planning to increase this year's early business to more than Rs.200 crores. Singh Intelligence is already a Rs.200 crores venture now and the company is planning to become a Rs.400 crores venture by the end of 2020. This year by the end of the first quarter, the agency is planning to make incursions into Jammu & Kashmir by setting-up an office there, after making recent entry into the states of Himachal Pradesh and Goa.