Learning And Development - The Refreshment Of The Corporate World

If we regard the corporate world as a pool board, where the winner of a pool game uses different cue sticks to pot a cue ball in the suited pocket, similar to this, the Learning and Development consultancies are using different techniques to guide the workforce to their apposite careers in the corporate world.

According to a last year's prediction report by the World Economic Forum, a huge number of (approx. 54 percent) the workforce will be required to re-skill and up-skill by 2022, for staying aligned to the industry demands. Technological development, business expansion, soft-skill furbishing, experiential learning, and most importantly leadership qualities are instilled only after proper training. For staying in the competition, away from the loopholes of a sudden drop in the business ratings, companies are extending their connections with the Learning and Development consultancies.

Consultancies are able to manage the workforce, via experiential and virtual learning.

Some of the consultancies are even driving audit reports, human resource consulting, and conducting health and wellness sessions. These are the utmost necessity for making a sustainable workforce.

Understanding the need of the hour, we have shortlisted and featured some of the most promising names from the learning and development consulting sphere in our current edition of `10 Most Promising Learning and Development Consultants in NCR ­ 2020'. Read to know about their story and their offerings.

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