• Giving Wings To Innovation & Startups Dare To Dream, Dream To Dare
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    Giving Wings To Innovation & Startups Dare To Dream, Dream To Dare

    The world is undergoing a dramatic reshuffling in its economic order. The most innovative nation will emerge as the winner. While India is also in this race, innovation-fuelled ecosystem is still at its very nascent stage. In the Global Innovation Index 2019, our country ranked 52nd. Though we jumped five spots from 2018, we still have a long way to go. But despite being the youngest nation of the world, why do we lack in innovation? It is because innovation-based ecosystem is absent in the ground level. School, colleges and universities still believe in the rote learning method, and our students are first introduced to innovation when they enter IITs or an entrepreneur cell or incubation centre. Grooming ideas and nurturing them since childhood is the only solution. Just like...

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