• AMs Project Consultants: Saving Your Money through Value Engineering
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    AMs Project Consultants: Saving Your Money through Value Engineering

    While establishing any new facility against the ever changing dynamics of market, organizations entail an extra eye to foresee what it pragmatically takes to score their goal. Lend your ears to an alarming record of blown out budgets that touch directly on the nuts and bolts of project management (PM). A global study that analyzed 1,471 projects suggests that one in six projects costs an average budget overrun of 200 percent and a schedule overrun of almost 70 percent, while the largest construction projects like Channel Tunnel, Euro Disney, and Boston’s ‘Big Dig’ that ended up costing almost double their original estimate, send us reminders time and again. Since the segment gives no room for taking chances; it’s not surprising that major organizations restrict their radar...


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