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    It may come as a surprise for many but the iconic and award winning, world famous Sydney Opera House is a constructional disaster. While the ideations and intentions were laid in right place, the acoustics and directions of internal designing was highly misplaced, making this iconic architecture digress from its core functioning of an opera house. These mistakes can be attributed to lack of appropriate project management skills. Many structural disasters are often a result of lack of proper managerial attention, leading to loss of capital, property and occasionally, life. Currently, the project management scene is looking bright, thanks to the new guidelines like RERA, improvement in materials supply and many more, paving path to a more robust infrastructural development and not...

20 Most Promising Project Management Consultants - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
A.N Prakash Management Consultancy A.N Prakash Management Consultancy A.N Prakash, Founder Refining its construction project management process to deliver excellence to clients, by understaningd the problem at hand and defining the path leading to desired goals
ARKA IPMS ARKA IPMS Kuldeep Singh, Founder & MD Engages in timely execution of client’s project and also in delivering technical know-how solutions during each phase of project execution
Dhruv Consultancy Services Dhruv Consultancy Services Tanvi Dandawate Auti, Managing Director A pre-eminent Project Management Consultant offering independent engineering and authority's engineer for construction supervision as well as operations, execution and maintenance apart from pre-tender and post-tender services
Fidesto Projects Fidesto Projects Vipul Garg, Director A holistic 3600 Project Management (PM) firm based out of Delhi, which takes the complete ownership of its clients’ projects and works as their extended arm
Fusion Consulting Fusion Consulting Md A Ehtesham Sheriff, Vice President Going a step beyond the conventional and envisioning the right participants, the right products, and the most useful communication & collaboration
Howe Engineering Projects Howe Engineering Projects U V Phani Kumar, CEO Standalone integrator of consultancy and engineering procurement construction (EPC) services offering end-to-end solution for project conceptualization, design engineering and construction execution, all under one roof
Manomav Manomav Abhinav Bhardwaj, Director The organisation aims at technological implementation at ground level of construction for achieving the highest levels of efficiency while concentrating on solutions related to construction planning and implementation
Molethu Molethu Kunjamma Mathew, Director Handling construction issues skilfully and leading to projects delivered on time, within budget & meeting client requirements
Planedge Consultants Planedge Consultants B.P.Bhise, CEO & Director, Nilesh Laddad, Managing Director Industry leader in delivering time, cost and quality oriented services, Planedge primarily renders construction management services right from design drawing to project execution
Potential PMC Potential PMC Madhukar B.A, MD & CEO Professionally managed organization with eminent engineers from various disciplines in the field of project management, structural & electro-mechanical system design and many others
Raje Consultants Raje Consultants Dr.H.M.Raje & Varun H Raje,, Directors Offering end-to-end project management solutions right from conceptualization to handing over a plug & play facility, and even repairs & rehabilitations under unfavorable environments
Redevlopment PMC Redevlopment PMC Glenn Fernandes, Marketing Manager Providing Construction PMC EPCM services in an cost efficient and timely manner with respect to clientele requirement
REPL REPL Pradeep Misra, Chairman & MD An organization comprising of an integrated approach to impart excellent service delivery in the domain of Infrastructure and Real Estate Consultancy
Sangam Project Consultants Sangam Project Consultants Madhav Patil, Founder With its professional & academic expertise and proven management abilities the organisation is making a positive contribution towards planning & executing large scale projects
Sijcon Consultants Sijcon Consultants Ratna Viral J, Executive Director Maintaining a policy of innovation, continually adopting the most progressive techniques both in Design and Construction
Tern Engineering & Construction Services Tern Engineering & Construction Services Gnanasekaran.N, Managing Director Well armed with professional expertise, Tern ECS extensively assimilate projects in construction industry providing Project Management, cost consultancy, design consultancy and BIM services by implementing strategic approach and construction methodologies
UKB Construction Management UKB Construction Management U K Balachandhar, Founder Leveraging vast experience in consulting for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and public building projects and providing comprehensive guidance from pre-construction stage through construction stage to the post-construction stage
Vedas Project Vedas Project Kishore Kashinath Redkar, Founder Works on 'Win-Win' principle, wherein clients and service providers work together to complete the project on-time and within authorized price as per the required quality standards
Vishva Associates Vishva Associates Vishu Bhoosnurmath, CEO Industrial pioneers who understand the requirement of the project and align it with the current trends through its end-to-end construction project management services