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  • 10 Most Prominent Corporate Legal Consultants - 2024

    Empowering Businesses with Legal Confidence In today's business environment, corporate legal advisers play an important role in providing companies with essential advice on the implementation of complex legal frameworks. There are a number of factors that have an impact on their importance. In today's environment of regulation, they are essential partners for businesses. They are an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to navigate the complex intersection of law and trade because of their expertise in legal issues, together with their ability to provide strategic guidance and mitigate risks. Their expertise and guidance are invaluable assets in today's competitive and highly regulated business environment. "Unlocking opportunities, where legal insight...

10 Most Prominent Corporate Legal Consultants - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Lawft Advisors Lawft Advisors Ajit Bistangoudar, Co-Founder Offers corporate secretarial services which plays a crucial role in aiding businesses with the effective management of their governance structures and has extensive expertise in the field of medical laws
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AB Lega AB Lega Amir Bavani , Founder Committed to handle most challenging cases in a variety of complex areas especially in insolvency & bankruptcy, corporate law and others
Ganguly & Company Advocates Ganguly & Company Advocates Sayak Ranjan Ganguly, Partner Evolved into a major legal force, with its knowledge now spanning a variety of industries, including financial institutions, communications, real estate and infrastructure
Ikigai Law Ikigai Law Anirudh Rastogi, Founder & Managing Partner Focuses on providing legal and strategic advice to contemporary businesses that thrive in technology and innovative business approaches
Interjuris Interjuris Nirupama Kar, Founder A dynamic legal firm offering comprehensive, collaborative solutions with unwavering ethics, and transparency with a diverse array of services such as arbitration, banking & finance
NovoJuris Legal NovoJuris Legal Sharda Balaji, Founder An innovative new-age law firm which leverages the legal research and knowledge to provide holistic and value-adding solutions to its clients
Phoenix Legal Phoenix Legal Manjula Chawla, Founder & Partner Offers an extensive range of transactional, regulatory, advisory, tax and dispute resolution services and advises a diverse clientele including domestic & international companies, banks, and public sector
The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services Sushila Ram Varma, Founder & Chief Legal Consultant Business and commercial boutique law firm with excellent track record of accomplishments in advisory/transactional work, negotiations, management of litigation and many more
VG Advocates & Legal Consultants VG Advocates & Legal Consultants Vandeeta Gupta, Founder Handling a variety of work in the legal industry, also actively caters to various corporate clients, like online gaming companies, cinema group companies, telecom, retail, real estate and more
Ynz Legal Ynz Legal Alhad Oak, Founder The firm has inculcated culture of providing solution based advisory that specializes in investment deals, legal advisory, corporate law advisory, HR legal, litigation and various services