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  • 10 Most Promising Acoustic Consultants - 2024

    The Art & Science Of Acoustic Consulting In a world filled with sound, the role of an acoustic consultant emerges as both an art and a science. Acoustic consultants are professionals who specialize in understanding, managing, and optimizing sound in various environments, ranging from concert halls and recording studios to office buildings and urban spaces. Their expertise lies in the intricate balance between aesthetics, functionality, and technical precision, making them indispensable in shaping the sonic landscapes of our built environment. At its core, acoustic consulting is about harnessing the power of sound to enhance human experiences. Whether it's creating an immersive concert experience or designing a tranquil workspace, acoustic consultants employ a...

10 Most Promising Acoustic Consultants - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
 KLM Design India KLM Design India Kl Malhotra, Director, Ar Pankaj Malhotra, Principal Architect A multidisciplinary firm specializing in acoustics, architecture, and engineering consultancy, dedicated to delivering innovative and exceptional design solutions
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3db Audio Visual 3db Audio Visual Robert Maria, Founder & Principal Consultant An acoustics and audio-visual design firm providing design, modelling and consultancy within various areas of acoustics & audio-video, control systems & automation for all verticals
Ecotone Systems Ecotone Systems Abhinav Saraswat, CEO A design and manufacturing company that is specialized in noise control, acoustics, insulation and green building products for a wide variety of applications & delivering the solutions to customers need
Himalyan Acoustics Himalyan Acoustics Mohit Munshi, CEO Providing cutting-edge soundproofing solutions, offering a comprehensive range of acoustic products that can transform any space into an acoustical paradise
MMG Acoustical Consultants MMG Acoustical Consultants Mathew M George, Principal Acoustical Consultant Provides professional consulting services exclusively in acoustics and noise control, also expertise in good acoustical conditions, reduce the risk of problems, and resolve existing problems
MMT Acoustix MMT Acoustix Sonit Jain, Founder & CMO Involved in manufacturing and designing of soundproofing & acoustic products, also specialized in wall sound blocking systems, floor isolation underlays and ceiling sound reduction
PS Associates PS Associates R Venkataraman , Managing Director A pioneering industry leader specializing in innovative sound solutions blending precision engineering with a commitment to customer satisfaction
Silence Acoustic Silence Acoustic Ravi Sebastian, Managing Director The firm has experience in soundproofing and acoustics solutions and have experience of more than two decades with expertise & research of products helping to reduce noise at optimum level
 Solace Acoustic Solace Acoustic Shweatank Tiwari, Co-Founder A renowned company in the acoustics space providing an extensive selection of products that cater to disco theatres, home theatres, and auditoriums in both the industrial and architectural fields
Soundproof Acoustic Soundproof Acoustic Deepak Rai, Owner & CEO Expertise in the field of soundproofing acoustic services, offering exceptional result at an affordable cost, all services and products are designed & build as per the specifications of customers