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  • 10 Most Promising Agriculture Consultants – 2018

    With global population increasing rapidly, food and fibre demand with increased awareness of dietary choices has reached greater appetite scale. This transformation and multiplied forage demand has impacted agricultural sector worldwide, giving producers, processors and accumulators larger opportunities for increased productivity and industrial connectivity. Yet, we witness extensive malnourishment, producers whining for right commodity prices, and hence a larger gap between agricultural industry and transformative growth. Embracing this need for connected perspective, agriculture consultants have stepped in the field to drive operational improvements, business potential and chain a strong link by helping customers build sustainable competence within this transformative impact. Right...

10 Most Promising Agriculture Consultants – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Dhavalas Dhavalas Vijay Dhavala, Founder, MD & Group CEO An agribusiness consortium providing end-to-end farming solutions, including consulting on agri-science, financing, agro engineering, skill development and others through local district based channel partners
EcolAgro Venture EcolAgro Venture Jitendra Kumar Singh, Director The company develops microbial solutions from the waste generated from food & agro industries, town & municipal waste, sustainable agriculture for mushroom cultivation
Global Agriculture System Global Agriculture System Dinesh Kumar, Director Expert in developing growth strategies, sustainable agribusiness, operational efficiency and integration of stakeholders in value chain that create tailor-made solutions to bridge the gap between real challenges across the supply chain
Green India Champion Agro Green India Champion Agro Sanjay Manjay, Director An ISO certified company that has planted various horticulture, forestry and ornamental plants in more than 2000 acre and provides various consultancy services, and satisfied 1200+ customers including individual and corporates
Israel Agro Consultant Israel Agro Consultant Manoj Patel, Director The company aims to convert traditional farming into industry via its high-tech science system, thereby enhancing prosperity of Indian farmers uplift their lives and the growth of whole society and nation
Jain Irrigation Systems Jain Irrigation Systems Ashok Bhavarlal Jain, Chairman One of the largest micro-irrigation companies that manufacture a full range of precision-irrigation products and unders takes turnkey agricultural and irrigation development project with holistic & integrated approach
Jeypee Farm   Jeypee Farm Palaneeswar Rajarathinam, CEO The company made its marks on delivering sustainable farm solutions and developed expertise knowledge to offer holistic sustainable farm service
Joy Greens Joy Greens Jyotsna Krishna, Founder & Chairman Pioneer in offering a wide range of landscaping, organic farming and terrace gardening solutions for corporate, commercial and residential projects, the company takes-up a culmination of designing, execution and maintenance services
Ross Lifescience Ross Lifescience Kedar Deobhankar, CEO A contract research organization offering product development & analytical services including registration data generation & product performance evaluation related to agrochemicals, vector control & house hold insecticides
Universal Consulting India Universal Consulting India Jay P Desa, Founder & MD Offers agribusiness, food & agricultural consulting to International and Indian multinational companies for assistance in the form of varied service lines like India entry strategy, go-to-market strategy, growth strategy and commercial due diligence to effectively cater to the rural market