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  • 10 Most Promising Building Information Modeling consultants - 2024

    Elevating Construction With Intelligent Design Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital process that involves creating and managing comprehensive 3D models of buildings, which incorporate detailed physical and functional characteristics. These models serve as a shared knowledge resource, facilitating collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, and stakeholders throughout the building’s lifecycle from design and construction to operation and maintenance. It is crucial for improving project delivery and maintaining competitiveness in the modern construction industry, Building Information Modelling (BIM) consultants are vital in the modern construction industry, offering a transformative approach to building design, construction, and management....

10 Most Promising Building Information Modeling consultants - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arc Aligned Arc Aligned Aniruddha Anjana, Co-Founder & CEO Specialize in outsourcing BIM/VDC services that support the entire construction process, from pre-construction to project completion for the AEC industry
Bim Cadd Technical Solutions Bim Cadd Technical Solutions Jayanthi Arumugam, Managing Director A prominent BIM consulting and extensive construction Solutions firm offers comprehensive range of architectural design services, structural & civil engineering, BIM, MEP and other solutions
BIM Design & Dimensions BIM Design & Dimensions Vishal Goyal, Founder & CEO Aiming to provide complete BIM services to customers globally with state-of-the-art technologies and guaranteed cost savings with expertise in BIM, MEP, autodesk revit, 3d modeling and others
BIM Drafting Solutions BIM Drafting Solutions Ali Patel, Founder Specialize in providing top-notch BIM drafting services to transform architectural and engineering designs into intelligent 3D models that optimize the entire construction process
BIM Tree BIM Tree Himanshu Thakker, Director Providing various kinds of BIM services & outsourcing services provider helping clients to achieve error free execution, connected drawings and documents & detailed quantifications
Cresire Cresire Devashish Sharma, Founder Offering services to architectural, engineering, and construction companies around the globe that includes BIM, revit modelling, clash detection, cost estimation, quantity take-off and so on
DDG Engineering Services DDG Engineering Services Sarath Babu, Managing Partner With expertise in BIM service, offer comprehensive detailing services that empower architects, engineers, and contractors to bring their visions to life with precision and efficiency
InteliBIM Solutions InteliBIM Solutions Deependra Samal, Founder & CEO Provides comprehensive digital twin solutions to clients in over 43 countries, also excel in the fields of building information modeling, 3D laser scanning, and AR
VisiLean VisiLean Bhargav Dave, Founder & CEO An innovative cloud based lean production management service for the construction industry as well as lean construction, production management, collaborative planning, BIM and others
Zenith BIM Services Zenith BIM Services Matindra Bera, Founder & Owner Offers top-quality, cost-effective BIM solutions that streamline construction processes and ensure accuracy from design conception to project completion