• Consultants of the Year - 2017
  • Consultant of the Year - 2017

    Oscar Wilde believed that an advice or solicitations have only one use and that is to pass it on. Kings had their advisory panel, Greeks had their oracles and even the mafias rely on the experienced words of the consigliere. Clearly, knowledge and expertise play an important role in defining operations and functionality of kingdoms and business empires. With knowledge being passed down from generations to generations, these advisors are the unsung heroes of the bustling development of the global industries that took shape during the Industrial Revolution. Over the years, these solicitations grew and eventually, gave birth to an entirely new industry which today stands as the consultation industry, offering advice and management help for everything under the sun. From education to...

Consultant of the Year - 2017

Company Category Company Logo Company Name Company Management
Telecom Ace Infratech Ace Infratech K V Singh, CEO
Public Relation Advent Public Relations Advent Public Relations Kheman Kumar, Co-Founder
Architect Architect Narayan & Associates Architect Narayan & Associates R L Narayan, CEO
Corporate Advisory Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Radha Krishna S, Business Head
Learning & Development DimenZion3 Talent Consulting DimenZion3 Talent Consulting Shrivallabh Kulkarni, CEO
Digital Marketing ESign Web Services ESign Web Services Ashwani Kumar Sharma, Founder & SEO Expert
Recruitment Excel Placement Services Excel Placement Services Rajeet Singh Bagga, Managing Partner
Food Consultant Food Buddies Food Buddies Shumitha P, CEO
Project Management Global C Global C Aman Moudgil, Partner
Financial Advisory Hrishee Strategic Advisors Hrishee Strategic Advisors Keyur Shah, Founder & CEO
Labour Law LabourNET LabourNET Mohammed Shameel, Co-Founder
Innovation Management Renodo Innovation Consulting Renodo Innovation Consulting Biju R B, Founder & CEO
Process/Factory Automation Consultant Seiton Technologies Seiton Technologies Sadanand Kulkarni, Engineering Director
Media Skateboard Media Skateboard Media Manas Mrinal & Shailaja Rao, Co-Founders
Business Expansion & Franchise Management SQuare Consulting SQuare Consulting Rohan A. Bhatt, Founder & CEO
Cyber Security Sytech Labs Sytech Labs Sandeep Mudalkar, Founder & CEO
SOLAR UKM SPower Solutions UKM SPower Solutions Mantha Balasubramanian, Director
Corporate Law White Collar Legal White Collar Legal Kunal R. Sarpal, Founding Partner