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  • 10 Most Promising Consultants For Startups 2019

    With the density of startups multiplying at a frantic pace, India stands amongst top five countries in the world in terms of startups, anticipating around 11,000 startups by 2020 that will change the pattern of business establishments in the country.Despite the growth &entrepreneurial strength, around 90 per cent of startups fail within the very first five years. With the nascent market knowledge, limited resources, these startups struggle to execute their ventures successfully and witnessing hard rock bottoms. To overcome this and drive the business, they are in need of business consultants who enable the progress of the industry in a rather organized manner. For an entrepreneur who lacks substantial experience in the field or with a young workforce, approaching a consultant...

10 Most Promising Consultants For Startups 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AHR Advisory AHR Advisory Maneesh Pandey, Founder A strategic recruitment partner that looks after the entire recruitment process, professionally and cost-effectively
Earlypad Earlypad Chaitanya Challa, Co-Founder Enables startups from idea inception phase to implementation, throughout their business processes for a right start by offering a wide range of services
HBF Direct HBF Direct Sachin K. Sheoran, Founder A financial advisory organization offering right business advisory services to businesses and help them grow and leverage opportunities presented by today's complex global economy
MediaMetrics MediaMetrics Sathish Sampath, Managing Partner A modern organisation providing consulting and developmental support to corporates, individuals and budding entrepreneurs
RSB Consulting RSB Consulting Sagar Agrawal, Co-Founder Offering various services to cater to the assistance required by new startups and new entrepreneurs for setting up businesses
SRKay Consulting Group SRKay Consulting Group Alok Kumar, Managing Partner Offers premium Business Advisory Services to start-ups as well as established organizations while investing in innovative, high-potential and early-stage opportunities
Startup Spine Startup Spine Niteen Khemka, Co-founder & CEO A leading professional consultancy firm rendering wide array of services with the aim of providing a comprehensive range of accounting, financial and legal consulting
Startup Xperts Startup Xperts Shyam Sekar S, Chief Mentor & Strategist A Business Growth and Consulting company with an objective to transform a company's growth and help them to steeply accelerate their revenue
True Startup True Startup Amit Sharma, COO, K Vasudeva, CEO A business service provider dedicated to help entrepreneur to start and grow their business effortlessly at a reasonable cost
Venture Hub Venture Hub PK Sambamoorthy, Managing Partner An exclusive consultancy service provider that helps startups, SMEs & MSMEs to scale up and drive the business to excellence