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  • 20 Most Promising Corporate Architecture & Interior Design Consultants - 2017

    The corporate office environment across the world is one of the most evolving spaces of all. The entire picture of corporate campuses is changing, with all operations being performed under one roof, focusing on interactions and promoting a sense of teamwork. The cubicles and fixed office seats are fading away and are being increasingly replaced by non-assigned seating, thereby increasing the percentage of collaborative spaces within organizations. New office furniture is being experimented; this allows flexibility in sitting as well as standing postures along with more lounge furniture and more informality being induced. There is also a new emphasis on the introduction of theme based spaces which illustrate context, colour, texture, eclecticism and more personalized spaces. Blame...

20 Most Promising Corporate Architecture & Interior Design Consultants - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ANSA Interior Designers ANSA Interior Designers Ankush Aggarwal, Co-Founder ANSA Interior Designers is an expert in interior designing of residential and commercial projects and delivering a unique blend of comfort and style to its clients
Design Spa Design Spa Anuj Aneja, Managing Director A leading provider of distinctive designing services for all corporate sectors, other range of services includes SPA & SALON, restaurant & bars, residential interior designing and decorating
Designer S Circle Designer S Circle Rajesh Sheth, Founder Designer's Circle has completed a large portfolio of projects, ranging from single room renovations, through whole dwelling refurbishments up to international commercial projects
Geometrixs Architects And Engineers Geometrixs Architects And Engineers Raman Nagaraja, Principal Architect An architect and engineer focused firm specialized in Corporate Interiors, Residential, Hospitality, Commercial and Healthcare projects
Niteen Parulekar Architects Niteen Parulekar Architects Niteen Parulekar, Founder and Design Principal Over a span of two decades Niteen Parulekar Architects has carried out architectural projects in the fields of IT, Healthcare, Finance, Telecom, Hospitality, Residential, FMCG and many more
 Sapphire Design Studio (SDS) Sapphire Design Studio (SDS) Vishakha S Chaudhari, Interior Designing and Project Management Divisions Works to create an infrastructure that translates the corporate vision into reality, aiding the clients to motivate people to enhance their productivity and performance
Studio Interiors Infra Heights Studio Interiors Infra Heights Sandeep Singh, Founder An Interior designing, interior design planning, interior architectural planning and designing company, Studio Interiors exemplifies creativity in every sense of the word
Via Design Via Design Priya Bishnoi & Partner, Creative Head &, Ram Joshi & Partner, Founder Principal A full service Interior Architecture firm dedicated to the objective of creating interior environments that define industry benchmarks for design innovation and project delivery
Worksphere Architects Worksphere Architects Swapnil Sawant & Co-Founder & , Padmapani Tilwe & Co-Founder Creating inspiring environment is not merely jigsaw fitting of spaces and ensuring a stress-free working environment for its people, inspiring them to put in their best