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  • 10 Most Promising Corporate Wellness Consultants GCC - 2023

    Wellness Strategies, Business Triumphs – GCC Consultants Leading the Way Corporate consultants in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) play a pivotal role in shaping the business landscape of the region. These professionals offer strategic guidance and expert advice to organizations navigating the complex terrain of the corporate world. The GCC, has witnessed rapid economic growth, and corporate consultants serve as catalysts for this development. Corporate consultants in the GCC contribute significantly to the region's economic prosperity. By providing expert guidance, these consultants empower businesses to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, contributing to the continued growth and success of companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council. GCC's...

10 Most Promising Corporate Wellness Consultants GCC - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arabian Wellness And Lifestyle Management (AWLM) Arabian Wellness And Lifestyle Management (AWLM) Prof. Adrian Kennedy , CWO A wellness and lifestyle management company offering a range of healthcare solutions through virtual and real-time platforms to address the diverse challenges of the corporate wellness domain
ASHCONN ASHCONN Manikandan, Vice President A collective of professionals with expertise in healthcare, project management, technology, and designing user experience, providing highimpact consultancy by enabling operational transformation, digital transformation
Core Direction Core Direction Clifford Tindell , Business Owner A corporate wellness platform with a vision to inspire movement and improve the quality of life for people across the globe, also empower industry leaders and key decision makers to supercharge their lives and the lives of their employees and customers
Eunoia Eunoia Aisha Mohammed Salim , Founder & Managing Director A human asset management organization gaining traction in the market as the sole provider of a unique blend of HR and psychology, also arranging workshops for employees and conduct on-site counseling programs that help them perform better in their professional & personal live
Evolve Evolve Haitham Khalid , Founder A next generation wellness company offering customised training solutions and wellness consultancy both for companies and to you the individual
IGNITE Group IGNITE Group Guillaume Mariole , Group CEO A brand with a mission to contribute to the community’s quality of life, by encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and movement
Tree Yellow Corporate Training And Consultancy Tree Yellow Corporate Training And Consultancy Karen Brodalka , Business Development Manager A corporate wellness training company that encompasses more than just fitness, by providing the following services including bespoke people skills training, learning retreats, business growth coaching, wellness coaching and much more
WellFit Consultancy WellFit Consultancy Salam Zahereddine , Director - Operations A comprehensive programs delivering healthrelated and musculoskeletal-centric programs that aim to ensure health and well-being for individuals
Workfam Workfam Cameron Collins , Founder & CEO An HR platform provides employee benefits, corporate wellness, internal communications, On-boarding, pulse survey and reward & recognition solutions
ZennMore ZennMore Carolyn (Sasha) Mitchell , Founder A wellness company with high quality online and in-person coaching, counselling, holistic healing, fitness and nutrition services that promote health, wellness and well-being, for the mind, body and soul