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  • 10 Most Promising Cyber Security Consultants – 2023

    Cyber Security Consultants Securing your Future in the Digital World India prides itself on being one of the biggest healthcare ecosystems worldwide. While the ongoing digital & tech revolutions have completely transformed the way healthcare services are catered to and made them more accessible to all masses, they have also brought along a host of next-gen challenges in terms of cost efficiency, process optimization, data privacy, and many others. Acting as a catalyst for this was the Covid pandemic, which witnessed a massive number of populations embracing digital technologies due to the majority of medical processes happening online. Importance of Cyber security in Modern World: In the present modern world Cyber security is critical because it helps to protect...

10 Most Promising Cyber Security Consultants – 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Insta9 Innovative Technologies Insta9 Innovative Technologies Mohammed Omar Khan, Founder & CEO An end-to-end IT services company with a large portfolio of offerings in the areas of omni-channel communication, wearable technology and remote patient monitoring, mobile apps to boost patient engagement, medical organizational analytics and many more

Company Of The Month

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Locuz Enterprise Solution Locuz Enterprise Solution Uttam Majumdar, Founder & CEO An organization which aspires to add value to its clients’ operations and become their security-led digital transformation partner
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Astra Security Astra Security Shikhil Sharma, Founder A cyber security company offering a pentest platform that helps organizations become proactively secure with specialties in website security, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing and more
Balbix Balbix Kuldeep Jain, Director-Product Management The firm enables organizations to reduce cyber risk by identifying and mitigating their riskiest cybersecurity issues faster and uses specialized AI algorithms to discover and analyze the enterprise attack surface to give a 100x more accurate view of breach risk
Fncyber Fncyber Vinfred Christopher, Co-Founder A group of purebred cybersecurity practitioners who bring gold standards of cybersecurity practices within reach of every organization
Indian Cyber Security Solutions Indian Cyber Security Solutions Abhishek Mitra, Founder and CEO An emerging organization that caters to the need for technology-based risk management and cyber security solutions across the globe
Prophaze Prophaze Lakshmi Das, Co-Founder A cybersecurity firm specialized in SaaS services in cybersecurity, particularly through AI automation, offering cloud WAF as a service for mid-market segments
Secuneus Technologies Secuneus Technologies Palvinder Singh, Founder & CEO An independent company dealing in core "Cyber Security" , helping businesses protect themselves and their reputations against the very latest cyber threats
Tikaj Tikaj Madhurendra Sachan, Founder A technology company providing solutions and services for cyber security and enterprise governance by offering dozens of security products and security as a service
WiJungle WiJungle Karmesh Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO A cyber security company that develops and markets unified network security gateway worldwide enabling organizations to manage and secure their entire network through a sing le window