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  • 10 Most Promising E-Commerce Consultants - 2022

    E-Commerce in India is at an initial stage when compared to that of global e-Commerce market. But the sector is growing at a very fast pace. It is the fastest growing and most exciting channel for commercial transactions. Seeing the highly favourable conditions and unexplored market in India, numerous global companies are eyeing on the Indian e-Commerce market. Rising income levels and growing awareness opens opportunity for many international brands in India. There is a growing appetite for international brands and better-quality foreign products amongst young Indians. Several categories including lifestyle products, consumer electronics, clothing, footwear, jewelry & accessories, health & beauty, household goods, art & collectibles, event tickets and online music are...

10 Most Promising E-Commerce Consultants - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Kurate Digital Consulting Kurate Digital Consulting Uday Sodhi,Senior Partner A company focussing on Digital transformation which helps companies to adopt digital technology to improve the buy and sell process, identify, connect & personalise communication to the right audience and drive revenue growth
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cybez Consulting Cybez Consulting Atul Jain, Founder A niche e-Commerce Marketing & Consulting company which offers services geared towards increasing revenue for its e-Commerce clients
Elixir Web Solutions Elixir Web Solutions Mohit Sareen, Founder & CEO Focuses on providing the best of e-Commerce consulting to its clients and helps them improve their ROI
FabOnGo FabOnGo John Britto, Founder & Director A leading e-Commerce service provider that provides end-to-end services for multichannel e-Commerce stores and helps simplify the business processes
Indigo Consulting Indigo Consulting Rajesh Ghatge, CEO Optimizing the e-Commerce strategies to suit the needs of the ever-evolving customer to achieve business objectives and goals
JSS Pro JSS Pro JVSN Krishna, Founder & CEO A provider of e-Commerce consulting solutions that focus on problem solving and automation for resolving SMEs’ challenges
Prione Business Services Prione Business Services Arjun Narayan, Director Offers e-Commerce consultancy & technical support to enable SMBs build, manage and grow their businesses in the online sphere
Synamen Thinklabs Synamen Thinklabs Raja Sampath, Director An Internet consulting company that focus on e-Commerce Development, Magento Development and Mobile App Development Services
Velocity Software Solutions Velocity Software Solutions Manish Agrawal, Co-Owner A talented workforce of e-Commerce consultants who provide the best solution within a limited time period in order to maintain satisfactory result with long lasting relations
Whole9Yards Whole9Yards Abhijeet Agarwal, Founder It is a multi-channel e-Commerce retailer of brands across India & US crafting end-to-end online marketing solutions to bring any company online or enrich its existing footprint