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  • 10 Most Promising Market Research Consultants in Mumbai - 2020

    There is more to Mumbai, than just the Indian Film Industry. So much that, 10 percent of factory employment, 25 percent of industrial output, 60 percent of customs duty collections, 20 percent of central excise tax collections, 40 percent of India's foreign trade, and 40 billion (US $560 million) in corporate taxes are generated by the city of Mumbai alone. The city of dreams is also the financial and commercial capital of India, and it produces 6.16 percent GDP. Since the last few decades, the economic conditions of the economic hub of India have perceived financial growth through IT sector, export, services, and outsourcing. Some reports in recent times depict that Mumbai is one of the most productive areas of India, with an estimated worth of $151 to $368 billion. Multinational...

10 Most Promising Market Research Consultants in Mumbai - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
1Lotus Research 1Lotus Research Arvind Pandit, MD An independent market research fieldwork agency assisting Market Research Companies, Market Research Fieldwork partners, Advisories, Consulting Firms, Outsourcing Firms and Clients.
Coensus Coensus Anand Banerjee, Founder & Business Leader A new-age consultancy firm providing its services through five verticals viz. Business Advisory Services, Market Research Services and others.
Global Dynamic Global Dynamic Ratan Gaud, Founder Services undertake the initiative in accumulation of significant consumer data and present it to the various Enterprises to build business strategies.
Global Vox Populi Global Vox Populi Md Sadique Akhter, CEO & President Conducts multinational studies on topics ranging from packaged goods to healthcare to high end technologies and assists companies build and sustain a winning business model.
Hansa Research Group Hansa Research Group Praveen Nijhara, CEO A full-service market research agency specializing in Media, Telecom, Financial Services, Customer Products, and Technology amongst other industries.
Kaizen Market Research Kaizen Market Research Kamlesh Shukla, MD Offers a wide range of industrial B2B market research services and consumer B2C market research services.
Market Search India Market Search India Sundara Rajan, CEO Uses a variety of Quantitative and Qualitative research techniques and innovative technology to help Indian and foreign companies to successfully introduce their brands in India and nurture them through continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction.
ROSE Market Research ROSE Market Research Bharatbhushan Nirmal, Founder & Client Service Consultant Performs consumer research and various business researches through qualitative and quantitative fieldwork with the help of experienced team of interviewers, and other legal services.
SONRISSA Inc SONRISSA Inc Malika Changani, Founder & Head of Client Engagement Offers panel services, online / mobile panel, online surveys (CAWI), opinion polling, highly profiled and responsive panelists, robust data collection process and historic single-source data.
White Owl Insights White Owl Insights Dr. Sunitha Thampi, Founder & CEO Facilitates the behavioural understanding of humans for developing consumer centred business solutions through its multi-disciplinary research approaches.