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  • 10 Most Promising Procurement Consultants - 2017

    The process of finding, agreeing to terms and acquiring goods, services or works from another source is a critical step whose importance cannot be overstated while doing a business. Often involving tendering, this step determines the price, quality, quantity and location among other factors which will in turn determine the profitableness of the venture altogether. Procurement consultants’ role is also evolving, as they are being recast from organized entities for cost reduction to strategic enterprises which drive the value of the organization. The primary focus of any procurement organization is the identification of cost-saving opportunities for its clients wherever possible. Procurement consultants display a depth of expertise & breadth of experience ensuring the most...

10 Most Promising Procurement Consultants - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BOB EProcure BOB eProcure Lakshmi Gadiraju, CEO, K N Venkat Raju, Director Offering easy-to-use e-Procurement tools streamlining all aspects of procurement through web-based solutions
GEP GEP Dr. Subhash Makhija, Co-Founder & CEO An organization adopting a holistic approach toward procurement transformation, focusing on building a high performance procurement organization in the shortest period of time
Global Procurement Consultants Global Procurement Consultants Mukul Sarkar, Managing Director & CEO A unique consultant company working on a public private partnership model, offering collective Indian experience and expertise through the provision of a range of project related advisory services
Ide Ide Ganesh Babu, Director An organization blending its vast global and local expertise from its initiatives across the world to provide you and your team a remarkable depth and breadth of procurement capabilities at a terrific value
Pcura Consulting Pcura Consulting Chetan Gopal, Strategic Sourcing Engineer A full service procurement and strategic sourcing services provider to majorly catering to Fortune 500 companies and focuses on the client’s complete procurement needs & spend optimization initiative
Ray & Berndtson Ray & Berndtson Thomas Fernandez, Prinipal Consultant A top procurement consultancy firm helping clients through its consultants harbouring an industrial experience that has consolidated around the world in the areas of warehouse management and many more
S V Engineering & Consultancy Services S V Engineering & Consultancy Services Manoj Kadam, CEO A reliable provider of procurement assistance services, and Project Design Services to recommend the best alternative by techno - commercial evaluation of the bids
Terabay Terabay Sunila Gupta, Founder Offering Business Expansion, Operational Excellence, Business Transformation and Customer outreach solutions for service as well as manufacturing companies
Tutelam Tutelam Kalyanarangam P., Director Business Solutions A technology enabled Procurement Outsourcing company is a complete procurement service provider, facilitating corporates in operational excellence, there by leading to cost savings
Wellways Engineering Wellways Engineering Mukesh Gulati, Directo An organization that provides customers with clear & transparent support and direction throughout the project life cycle while guiding them through procurement and establishment of programs and projects