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  • 10 Most Promising Procurement Consultants 2020

    Procurement Service Providers or Procurement Consultants are third-party organizations that offer a helping hand to business enterprises by supplementing internal procurement departments and maintaining their infrastructure for non-strategic categories. A Procurement Consultant's tasks include strategic planning, supplier rationalization, supplier collaboration, strategic sourcing, and negotiations. Business enterprises that are utilizing the Procurement Consultant's enable them to improve spending coverage, reduce the costs of goods and services, and leverage the latest technology to streamline the source to pay processes. A Procurement Service provider offers a rapid analysis of an organization's spending and implements changes by negotiating with suppliers. A good...

10 Most Promising Procurement Consultants 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
GEP GEP Dr. Subhash Makhija , Co-Founder & CEO An organization adopting a holistic approach toward procurement transformation, focusing on building a high performance procurement organization in the shortest period of time.
EDS International EDS International Daniel Ben-Ezra , Regional Manager - South & SE Asia Deals with global suppliers to ensure production consistently meets cost, quality and delivery requirements. EDS International’s goal is to reduce costs and streamline buying, order and quality processes.
Global Procurement Consultants Global Procurement Consultants Mukul Sarkar, Managing Director & CEO Works on a public private partnership model, offering collective Indian experience and expertise through the provision of a range of project related advisory services.
Ide Ide Ganesh Babu, Director Uses its vast global and local expertise with specialties around B2B summits, pre-scheduled business meetings, Deal Facilitator, Business Information, and Event Conferencing.
Pcura Consulting Pcura Consulting Chetan Gopal, Strategic Sourcing Engineer A full service procurement and strategic sourcing services provider to majorly catering to Fortune 500 companies and focuses on the client’s complete procurement needs & spend optimization initiative.
Ray & Berndtson Ray & Berndtson Thomas Fernandez, Principal Consultant Helps clients through its consultants harbouring an industrial experience that has consolidated around the world in the areas of warehouse management and many more.
Tutelam Tutelam Kalyanarangam P, Director Business Solutions A complete procurement service provider, facilitating corporates in operational excellence, there by leading to cost savings.
Vision Enterprises Vision Enterprises Navin, CEO Delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty and offers Digital Signature, E-Procurement, Civil Survey and Parking management.
Wellways Engineering Wellways Engineering Mukesh gulati, Director Provides customers with clear & transparent support and direction throughout the project life cycle while guiding them through procurement and establishment of programs and projects.