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  • 10 Most Promising Solar Energy Consultants - 2019

    Solar energy is considered to be a safe alternative to replace the fossil fuels for generation of electricity that produces pollution such as air, water, land etc. India is a having a drastic increase in economy with a large number of people is facing a huge energy demand. The demanded of electricity has increased over the years and cannot neglect the fact of growing population in the country. According to the recent study, the energy formed in the country is majorly from coal which is 53% and the study also states that the coal reserves in the country will go beyond 2040-2050. Almost 72% of the Indian population are living their life under dark. Most of the villages do not obtain electricity and there is no provision to receive it. The geographical location of the country allows...

10 Most Promising Solar Energy Consultants - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arbutus Consultants Arbutus Consultants Dr. P Jayakumar , Founder & Chairman Operates as Owner's Engineer, Lender's Independent Engineer, performs Technical Due Diligence, Strategic Advisory, and offers training.
Cassini Renewables Cassini Renewables Mahesh Kempepatil , Managing Director Operates as Owner's Engineer, Lender's Independent Engineer, performs Technical Due Diligence, Strategic Advisory, and offers training
CVK Solar Enterprises CVK Solar Enterprises M. M. Vijayvergia, Managing Director Exercises divers consultancy services for Solar parks, Power Evacuations, Pooling station, as well as conducts feasibility studies, and Registration of Projects.
Eshaan Energy Eshaan Energy Burra Phani Chandra, Founder & CEO Conceives a line of business in Power Generation, Power Projects, and Power Trading while serving from Site Analysis to Monitoring & Maintenance
Firstgreen Consulting Firstgreen Consulting Dr. Sanjay Vashistha, Founder & CEO Designs and installs Solar PV diesel hybrid energy storage solutions for off-grid and mini-grid projects, and provides Green building services.
Go Solar Solutions Go Solar Solutions Nazar Begawala, Managing Director Specialized in providing Solar EPC solutions for solar power plants based on solar Photovoltaic technology for roof-top systems and large scale solar installations.
Rays Power Infra Rays Power Infra Ketan Mehta, CEO & MD A Solar EPC management organization that extends support in consulting , engineering, contracting and commissioning service.
RESolve Energy Consultants RESolve Energy Consultants Madhavan Nampoothiri, Founder & Director The company provides Strategic, Commercial, Technical, and Policy & Regulatory Advisories in its Solar PV industry practices.
Saurya EnerTech Saurya EnerTech Dr. Satyendra Kumar, Director Specializes in providing O & M solutions, energy audits for companies, evaluation programs, and solar workshops & training.
Urvish Dave Urvish Dave Urvish Dave, Founder Provides advisory services to solar project developers/ investors, generates techno-economic feasibility report, and promotes Solar Projects for Rural Electrification.