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  • 10 Most Promising Structural Engineering Consultants – 2023

    Building Tomorrow, Today: Your Trusted Structural Engineering Consultants Structural engineering consultants play a pivotal role in the construction industry, ensuring the integrity, safety, and efficiency of built structures. These professionals specialize in analyzing, designing, and supervising the construction of various infrastructures, from bridges and skyscrapers to residential buildings. Their expertise lies in understanding the complex interplay of forces and materials to create resilient and durable structures. Their multifaceted role, encompassing site assessment, meticulous design, construction oversight, and effective communication, ensures that the built environment meets the highest standards of safety and functionality. Engineering Excellence, Structural...

10 Most Promising Structural Engineering Consultants – 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Pentagon Consultants Pentagon Consultants Abbas Jamani ,Managing Director A reputable engineering and design consultants firm with six years of in the field, expertise in including master planning, estimation & costing, procurement assistance, structural design and more
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
D&R Consultant D&R Consultant Revati Raman Singh, CEO A prominent in the field of structural engineering consultancy offerings structural engineering solutions tailored to architects, contractors, builders, developers, government entities, industries and institutions
Neev Constructions Neev Constructions Rahul , Head-Marketing An eminent organization offers a wide range of services includes residential builders, structural engineering consultants, structural designers, structural engineers, civil contractors, engineering consultants and more
Neev Consulting Engineers Neev Consulting Engineers Anisha A , Founder & CEO An innovative structural engineering & BIM/ drafting firm offer complete structural modeling, design & calculations, drawings and fabrication drawing review services for both, domestic and International clients
Pinnacle Design Consultants Pinnacle Design Consultants Chetan Sidgiddi, Founder & Managing Director A full-source structural engineering firm it brings a wealth of technical experience and problemsolving expertise to any given project in concrete, steel, and composite construction, specializes in complex architectural designs
SQVe Consultants SQVe Consultants Bhavin Shah , Founder & CEO A distinguished business consulting and service, specializing in engineering, structural engineering, organisation development, online courses, steel structure design, training, coaching, and webinar
Strarcon Design Consultants Strarcon Design Consultants Vishruth Jain , Founder & Director A versatile and adept consultancy firm, expertise spans complete interdisciplinary consultancy offerings, encompassing all sides of structural engineering, buildings, and infrastructure sectors
Suyog Structural Design Consultant Suyog Structural Design Consultant Suyog V. Tikle , Founder A luminary firm offers a range of diverse structural engineering services, specializing in delivering exceptional structural design solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects
Vision Structural Design Aid (VISDA) Vision Structural Design Aid (VISDA) Amarnath R Boraiah , Principal Consultant A dynamic structural engineering consultancy company instills confidence in client businesses across India through structural engineering only, building structural designs like residential, commercial, industrial, malls, and other airports
WVA Consulting Engineers WVA Consulting Engineers Romy Mohan , Founder & Director A vibrant structural engineering design company provides structural design & proof consultancy, structural modeling, analysis and seismic engineering, project management consultancy and more