Artiligence: Empowering Brands with Revolutionary Concepts Backed by Solid Science

Zelia Quadros, Director

Zelia Quadros


Gone are the days when the field representative used to carry a Visual Aid in print to detail to the Health Care Practitioners(HCP). As the technological evolution has bestowed us with multiple software platforms to facilitate the flow of messages as well as tools like AR, VR & Oculus to present it magnificently, in order to succeed, healthcare brands must chisel their tactics and evolve with e-tools which are easy to function and deliver the message swiftly. Though many agencies nowadays utilize these technologies, they focus solely on creative output, which works on generic brands where the science part is adapted from the global molecule. However, more sophisticated brands need science-oriented agencies that integrate not just creativity, but also medical prowess for triumphant First Time Launches & Research products with the relevant know-how.

As the name indicates, Artiligence - a specialized health and wellness communications agency,is one such rare breed which brings to table the perfect blend of Art and Product Intelligence that originates from science of the product, there by empowering clients with ground-breaking concepts founded on the solid premise of science. In its endeavour towards making HCP interaction extraordinary and intriguing, Artiligence, as a brand partner, leverages bleeding-edge technologies to deliver customer delight with its talented Digital & AV team.

“We work towards making a difference in the prospects mind. But the twist here is that the prospect whom we cater to is not the end-user. He is an influencer who, in turn, prescribes the brand to the end-user, the patient. This is a chain reaction where we need to have strong messaging and tools that will enable a flow of prescriptions. We understand this diverse environment taking lead from the HCP category, the patient profile best suited for a particular molecule along with the regulatory aspects,” explains Zelia Quadros, Director, Artiligence.

In an industry that is governed by strict norms laid by the MCA, DCGI and other regulatory bodies, a brand’s success lies in crafting promotional tools that are creative and capable of enthusing the HCP, while delivering the science behind the brand. Artiligence takes into consideration all these factors, and creates the right mix to deliver the targeted messaging. In a nutshell, while mainline advertising endeavors to draw eye balls, the company dives deep into the anatomy of the eye and makes it look beautiful to the beholder.

360o Solution Delighting All Stakeholders
Whenever the company looks at a new molecule, its medical
team takes it to the white board where they try to learn from scratch, beginning from the anatomy to the epidemiology of
the disease. This is further strengthened by extensive secondary research, which is followed by a dipstick study with the HCPs/ patients /care-givers /retailers/FF depending on the brand profile and requirement. Besides the brand understanding and creative renditions, Artiligence chalks out a 360o plan involving all probable stakeholders with a mix of various tools ranging from simple QMCs to hard-hitting apps. This is followed by crafting innovative tools from prop detailing to gimmicks to digital platforms, which singles out Artiligence as the only company offering comprehensive communication solutions across media and platforms under one roof.

Whenever the company looks at a new molecule, its medical team takes it to the white board where they try to learn from scratch, beginning from the anatomy to the epidemiology of the disease

To help its clients outshine the competition and witness gain in prescriptions from the HCPs, the company carries out an in-depth research and comes out with unique propositions which are really distinct in the product by virtue of science, and communication. If the product features are not strong, Artiligence accentuates on building strong strategic plan and creative communication. Thanks to its adept Product Team that goes beyond mere servicing the clients, the company doesn’t work for but works closely with the clients’ product management team as their Product Partners.

Bolstering Brands with Specialized Teams
The company caters to the Healthcare segment where branding is the core to the HCP, who in turn translates his conviction in the brand to prescriptions, which eventually results in sales. Branding, based on the strong foundation of science, with various inputs, forms the cornerstone of the process. Since for better understanding on brands and their role in various therapies, medical communication is crucial, Artiligence bolsters its client’s brand with adequate science in the form of educational products like case studies, product dossiers, CME decks, CTBs and so forth. Medical also involves patient communication through the HCPs with various products like patient education literatures (PELs), posters and apps to name just a few.

Brand equity being a phenomenon that is very close to its heart, Artiligence has built a specialized production team to handle events & exhibitions from conceptualisation to fabrication and beyond, on a larger than life scale. It can also boast of a network of partners country wide to help the company with fabrication and branding anytime, any where. The whole HCP interaction is handled by the field representative whose motivation
translates into the in-clinic calls. Artiligence's event wing is also adept at handling these field force events with zest so as to invigorate and keep the field marshals motivated.

Turning Job into Joy
While there is no dearth of creative spaces in Mumbai, relaxing green space in the city is a precious commodity; even more so when it comes to office units where people need to be in a calm space to do their best. Nestled in a neat, airy and quaint cottage in Santacruz, Artiligence thrives away from the hustle-bustle of typical corporate atmosphere to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking.

Concepts are cracked out in the lawn or on the terrace under the shade of a coconut or jamun tree in the open-air cafeteria. “There is no hierarchy, whether it is about coming up with innovative ideas or plastering birthday cake on faces. It’s about each one having their own niche, for ideas and execution. It’s about finding the right mix of art and science and words to ensure unique and effective communication,” remarks Zelia. Being honored with the most coveted ‘Healthcare Agency of the Year 2017’ award at the Big Bang Awards, besides many other laurels, bear testimony to the success of this ‘hatke’ formula.

Catalysing a Difference
Despite the increasing ratio of well-informed demography in India, there is still lack of awareness on healthcare options available to the masses. To illustrate, young girls & parents are reluctant to discuss the HPV vaccination, which can protect women from cancer of the cervix & reproductive system (the only preventable cancer with easily available vaccines), since it is associated with the reproductive system and sexual health - forbidden subjects in a conservative society like India. All that is needed is education and awareness, and this is the difference Artiligence, as an integral part of the healthcare community, aims to make. “Using creativity built on the roots of science, we aspire to make people aware about preventable diseases to ensure a healthy and happy future for one and all,” concludes Zelia.

Key Management:
Zelia Quadros, Director
Zelia established Artiligence with an objective of getting art into the world of science and medicines, in the form of holistic communication.

Headquarter: Mumbai

Services: Brand Building, Scientific Support, Digital Representation and Events & Exhibitions

Clients: MSD, GSK, Pfizer, Abbott, Danone, AstraZeneca, Roche, Johnson & Johnson and many more major global healthcare heavyweights

Awards: Won three Gold, two Bronze and the most prestigious ‘Healthcare Agency of the Year - 2017’ Award presented by Big Bang Awards, Bengaluru, and Won the Excellence Award for Woman Entrepreneur, 2015 by CCCI