Lawft Advisors : Promising Practical & Effective Corporate Legal Consultation

Ajit Bistangoudar,  Co-FounderThe corporate legal consulting market is growing steadily, expected to achieve a value of $1440.5 million by 2025. Corporate legal consulting has gained momentum over the last decade, driven by increased invest-ment from private equity firms in corporations.

These investors prioritize strong corporate governance to ensure trans-parency in compliance with regulatory standards. However, there are many consultants who lack experience, struggle with complex cases, lack a broad understanding of legal implications which results in a failure to identify legal risks and provide expert guidance to mitigate them.

Recognizing the diversity of challenges, today clients across various industries seek sound and equitable legal guidance, expeditious justice and enhanced outcomes. Lawft Advisors stands out prominently among them by ensuring the fulfilment of legal obligations, thereby streamlining and improving the efficiency of corporate decision-making processes.

Established in 2019 at Bangalore, Lawft Advisors brings extensive expertise in the field of medical laws, offering guidance to both clients and hospitals involved in medico-legal cases. Notably, their track record includes successfully managing and resolving disputes through the appropriate legal channels. Furthermore, the firm is adept in advising on a diverse range of matters, including fundraising initiatives, mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property rights, consumer rights and compliance with the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). “Our broad spectrum of experience positions us to provide comprehensive
legal support across various aspects of healthcare and business-related activities”, says Ajit Bistangoudar, Co-founder.

Dedicated to Ensuring Clients’ Success & Ongoing Expansion

Lawft Advisors also offers Corporate Secretarial Services which plays a crucial role in aiding businesses with the effective management of their governance structures. The company provides assistance in maintaining regulatory compliance, handling documentation along with ensuring the smooth operation of corporate governance processes. The firm assists corporates in structuring of the deals and their entire focus is on supporting organisations in navigating the complexities of corporate administration, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

Lawft Advisors has established a system to ensure that corporations maintain a strong corporate governance framework within the organization, aiming for zero tolerance towards non-compliance. The company has provided guidance to numerous startups and major corporations, and has served clients from Healthcare, fintech, healthtech and manufacturing sectors. The enterprise focuses on delivering valuable solutions tailored to their clients’ business needs. Lawft Advisors has successfully overseen the growth of its clients by efficiently managing their governance and regulatory affairs. The company consistently interacts with its clients, addressing their inquiries and concerns in real-time through personalized support from a dedicated team.

Utilizing its in-depth understanding of governance principles, Lawft Advisors crafts impactful policies & strategies aligning with both regulatory mandates & business goals

Lawft Advisors relies on a robust foundation with a seasoned and contemporary team. Their team comprises Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Financial Professionals that collaborate to offer comprehensive solutions across various facets of business. The blend of expertise from different professional backgrounds enables them to address a wide range of business related challenges and opportunities. Their dedicated team conducts ongoing research on legal aspects, offering practical and cost-effective solutions.

Lawft Advisors strives to emerge as the foremost provider of corporate legal services within the industry. Looking ahead, the firm anticipates that every corporation will emphasize sound corporate governance by aligning with the regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction. Their strategic roadmap also involves establishing offices in major metropolitan hubs such as Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. Going forward, the company envisions creating a dedicated team for industry-specific services, gearing up to explore sectors like real estate, pharma, fintech and more in the upcoming years.