ABM Environment Consultants

N.K. Gupta ,Managing Director

N.K. Gupta

Managing Director

As rapid industrialization is adversely impacting the environment globally, manufacturers are encouraged to adopt cleaner production technologies and waste minimization initiatives. Not only regulations, but also waste treatment and management along with abatement costs vary due to industrial process and different industries incur disproportionate costs relative to their value-added in manufacturing. Such scenarios present the need of a consultative partner who can understand, pinpoint the exact course of action, and increase efficiency of the industries with customized system & treatment processes. Herein, ABM Environment, a Ghaziabad based company, is leading from the front in providing tailor-made environmental services, risk assessments and environmental testing as per the specific requirements of its 2000+ clients spread across India and abroad.

“Our team holds heavy chemical industry experience in providing executable and result-oriented solutions with results much lower than prescribed standards. All these EHS support translates to a socially responsible organisation,” says N.K. Gupta, Managing Director, ABM Environments Consultants. Besides using technologies assuring zero liquid discharge, it also recycles, and reuses treated waste generated to convert into wealth and improved efficiency.
Complimenting these solutions is ABM’s environmental audits that help in pollution control, improved production, safety & health and conservation of natural resources for achieving sustainable developments.

Solutions for Sustainable Development
The company provides solutions for all the environmental pollution to support the GoI’s efforts to prevent and alleviate environmental degradation caused by industrial operations and assist in the successful attainment of the proposed targets of its environmental policy. ABM’s flagship offering includes – designing, construction, commissioning and regular monitoring post project completion for air and waste water pollution management with focus on delivering customized system and treatment process.

The company has successfully provided results and solutions in most polluting industries like Textiles & Dyeing, Paper & Pulp, Slaughter, Electroplating, Steel mills, Dairies, Hospital, Tannery, and many more with some latest technologies that include chemical treatment, physio-chemical treatment, aerobic biological treatment, anaerobic biological treatment, dissolved air flotation, API separator, ultra filtration, lamella, and tube settlers.

All these cost-effective, customized and flawless solutions have been designed and implemented only after thorough approval from the clients. These efforts have ornamented its client list with some top-notch organizations, including Government bodies (like Lucknow Development Authority and Nagar Nigam Aligarh), Hindustan Petroleum, Tata Motors, Havells India, ITC, Godfrey Phillips India, Eliya Food Overseas (Tanzania), Hulas Steel Industries (Nepal), MK Overseas, and many more, indicating the ingenuity of its solutions.

Our team holds heavy chemical industry experience in providing executable and result-oriented solutions with results much lower than prescribed standards

Promoting Sustainable Developments
ABM takes the entire offerings a notch higher by providing regular updates on environmental laws and programs to the clients’ employees, thanks to its expert team that has facilitated the company to get affiliated from Indian Works Association. The team has developed itself as one of ABM’s USP with the quality and type of training (on-job training at various sites and regular in-house training sessions for technologies & processes being used with detailed analytical skills) provided to them.

With such varied and distributed offerings for the promotion of sustainable developments across industries and society at large, the company has registered an average growth rate of 15.5 percent on annual basis from the last seven years while intending to expand itself abroad and grow at a rate of 18 percent. With all these, it’s only natural that the company has been featured in the top seven expert bodies of Pollution Control as per the Civil Appeal No. 3634 of 1999 by Hon. Supreme Court of India.