ACME: Seasoning Business Steps to Provide Quality Solutions

The construction & infrastructure projects in the country are witnessing an unprecedented growth not just in size but in complexity and strategies & concept building. Yet the current Project Management Consulting (PMC) industry in India lacks standardization of services and quality levels, while being posed with high competitiveness and cost pressure. Most of the construction companies and builders are turning to be more cost conscious. All that they aim is to cut-down the cost with uncompromised quality. The notion on reducing the cost would result in lower quality products still prevails in the market. To add value to the market by diminishing this thought and striking the perfect balance between the cost and quality aspects Swapniel R Chavhan established ACME in 2015.

A chemical engineer from UDCT, Swapniel worked with several multinational companies for over 15 years. Throughout the course of his career he happened to be exposed to the market of industrial and infrastructure project management. After gaining international exposure in the space, he realised the gaps prevailing in the project management scenario. He also understood that PMC is all about adding value to the project, yielding maximum benefits to the clients on safety, quality and cost. With the domain knowledge thus gained and his added general business understanding during his executive post graduate programme (PGPWE) from Indian Institute of Management (IIM Raipur), he paired with Prashant who`s Civil Engineer and post graduate from National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NIC-MAR, Pune) ventured into the niche domain and conceptualized ACME- an innovative PMC firm that caters to cost-effective yet quality-based solutions across the infrastructure industry.

The Offerings
Along with the presence of a wide variety of scope across the PMC realm, the new players witness low barriers for entry, thereby creating stiff competition for the well-established players. Therefore, there is a dearth of high-quality PMC service providers in India who can handle critical & landmark projects and there are very few service
providers who can deliver integrated, end-to-end project management services. Having said that, ACME as a game changer in the market & handles turnkey projects, wherein their service begins even before the construction plan starts. From the scratch, it helps the clients to identify the objectives of the project and takes care of everything till the end.

Swapniel Ramesh Chavhan, Founder,Prashant Pandurnag Gawade, Partner

The solutions offered by the company can be broadly classified into three categories such as consulting services, industry expertise and construction services. Under the service portfolio the company offers best-in-class solutions like cost surgery & value engineering, logistics & supply chain management, cost optimization, chemical process engineering, contracts & processes, and construction management, among others.

Growing at a faster pace, ACME is 35 members stronger and owns an established office of 2000 sq.ft. at Mumbai

The company constantly analyses the market and stays aligned to the trends to live up to the competition. It is coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to embrace the market while satisfying the client's expectations.

Journey & Growth
Beginning the journey from three, the organization is 35 members stronger at present. It owns an established office of nearly 2000 sq.ft at the centre of the city (Dadar). It is witnessing over 100 per cent growth in term of revenue year on year (CGPA). Since its inception ACME has successfully executed over ten projects and is currently handling more number of turnkey projects.

Expanding the operation verticals, it has added MEP designs into the portfolio. The company has handled projects in several verticals from residential to commercial to hospitals to schools to industries. Scaling up to heights, ACME is dealing with client & consultants in Thailand and Dubai. It is looking forward to mark presence in Pune and also reach the north of the country in the upcoming years.