Amazon Appeal: The Best Plan of Action and Appeal to Reinstate Suspended Amazon Seller Account

Pradeep Dixit,FoundereCommerce business is observing tremendous growth, making everyone wish to become a seller. However, many do not take the necessary training and know the amazon policy before becoming a seller. This is where the problem begins and the sellers' account gets suspended. Amazon Appeal conceptualized by Pradeep Dixit completely under-stands how devastating Amazon Seller Account Suspension could be to your business.

Whether you did not adhere to Section 3 of Amazon's Business Agreement or you did not follow Amazon Condition Guidelines, or you were accused of selling counterfeit items, or your late shipment rate was too high, you have still got a chance to have your Amazon account reinstated. However, a writ-ten appeal letter is a need for the appeal to accept. This is exactly what Pradeep, the Founder of Amazon Appeal masters. Founded in 2016 with amazon Indian sellers, the company day by day increased the reach with word of mouth publicity and soared the wings to 38 country including India.

Today, Amazon Appeal is one of the industrial leaders in Ecommerce consultancy.
And, is at the forefront of dealing with problems associated to amazon sellers. "We know exactly what the Amazon Performance Team is looking for and we genuinely do our best to reflect it in our appeals. We have had many happy customers so far and we believe our reviews reflect that.

Once an account reactivates, that sellers not only give us money but a lot of blessing, we feel we are doing noble work. This keeps us motivated to do good works for amazon sellers," claims Pradeep Dixit, Founder.

The moment company gets the lead by a suspended seller, the experts start their work by taking user-permission from their seller account and ask for a purchase bill. The team conducts a detailed meeting with clients to get more clarity on the issue. And, they write a Plan of action with SOP to reinstate the account.

Amazon Appeal has both divisions, and respective team leaders to engage with concerned customers. Since eCommerce industry has leaped by stepping into the online segment, the company helps sellers to search correct product with its research method, and assist them to understand the business dynamics, be it online or offline.

Amazon Appeal has served more than 10000 happy sellers across the globe

Pradeep Dixit at the company is incorporating the element of customization to your services by having various packages suitable to specific sellers. It also conducts various webinars and zoom classes to teach the sellers regarding various compliances. Deploying advanced technology and the latest trends to the service portfolio, it is in touch with the Salesforce to optimize the work seamlessly.

The Journey and the Future
"In the five years of the journey, we have grown exceptionally and have become a trusted service provider. With absolutely no marketing strategies in place, our progression was achieved only through client references. For the days ahead, we envision to open offices in the USA and UK and give direct access to local sellers," informs Pradeep.