Anexas Consultancy: A Synonym to Quality Business Training & Consultancy

Amitabh Saxena,CEOAlthough it had stirred a revolution, the concept of Lean Six Sigma also brought many concerns to the fore,

Anexas is highly acknowledged for its training and management consulting services, which are further customized to client’s mandates

especially in its nascent stage. The industry was plagued with the exorbitant costs of trainings, lack of prescribed software and the long, yet not-up-to-the-mark syllabus. The story of Indian industry was no different. But, on the positive end, as one among those who read the tea leaves early, Anexas Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. was quick enough to understand the dire need of bringing the Lean and Six Sigma training and consulting within the reach of maximum people and companies.

With this aim, Anexas was founded in 2006 as an Indian arm of Anexas
Europe - a Denmark-based global consultancy company - one of the fastest growing management consulting, process excellence and training organizations. The entity conducted its first training programs in Bangalore and Chennai. Since then, it has conducted training programs in more than 60 countries.

The Service Cadre
Anexas is highly acknowledged for its training and management consulting services, which are further customized to client's mandates. Molding its resources to achieve hands-on experience on real-life projects, the company strives to empower them to improve any processes in any industry, through knowledge transfer. Claiming to be one of the best in the industry, its trainings cover Lean Six Sigma whereas its training portfolio covers PMP, process excellence, management, IT and soft skills. Its PMP trainings, especially, own an excellent track record of 95-100 percent students pass rate in the industry. While majority of them are classroom trainings, the company also indulges its trainees through online trainings and distance learning. Till date, Anexas has trained more than 100,000 professionals in Lean and Six Sigma, Data Analytics, Project Management, HR and IT services. Unsurprisingly, many of the trainees have won various national and international process excellence awards.

"However, we are not trainers or professors; rather we are hardcore consultants who also give trainings. We are the only company in our industry which has got the same set of consultants who have
achieved a strong experience over different domains and countries. I am not talking about the collective experience of the company, but a collective experience of our people and all of them have gained that wide range of experience in our company," adds Amitabh Saxena, CEO, Anexas. Owing to their hard work and efficiency, its consultants have also been caught by the shutterbugs of major TV channels.

The winning proposition also lies in the work culture that binds the expert team where working as a team never stops an individual from challenging each other and break their own previous record. While the culture encourages the entrepreneurial instinct and instills a sense of ownership, the in-house trainings help them to learn new domains. Pradeep Sharma, Partner & VP, Middle East Operations, Anexas, says, "The experience of our consultants in many countries helps us to bring in the global experience to India".

Fueling the Excellency
As a testament to their excellence stands a portfolio of eminent foreign as well as Indian brands including Siemens, Tata BSS, ACT Broadband, Akshaya Patra, Cipla, and Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers. In fact, one government entity, who had already given their tender to other foreign company, re-brought it and invited Anexas for other round of bid, once they looked at the company's profile of excellence. Fuelling this excellency, the company considers India as a major market and foresees itself reaping in 60 percent of revenue from this landscape.