ANSA Interior Designers: Creating Unique Space by Innovating Different Styles

 Ankush Aggarwal,    Co-Founder

Ankush Aggarwal


Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Built on this notion is ANSA Interior Designers, a Delhi-based firm which has challenged the conventional way of interior designing and given new dimensions to the art of interior designing. ANSA is the brain child of Ankush (AN) and Sapna (SA). ANSA kicked up operations in 2003, a humble beginning as it was, and the maiden task in hand was designing of an MD’s table and then a bed and then a bathroom. Soon the assignments became bigger and more challenging, and then there was no looking back. In a record time of just 14 years, ANSA has established an array of prestigious project nationally and internationally.

The baby learns to stand, fall, walk and then eventually run. Similarly any budding company grows when it learns to stand after 'the falls'.ANSA also faced many challenges but every time grew stronger and bigger.

Ankush has travelled at all leading interior furniture expo's across the world. He learned the basics of all major religions, their belief system and their living habits. In the due
courses, he made friends from various cultures and time zones.

Ankush says,“We don't shy to say that 'we don't know this but are ready to learn.' This attitude has probably sailed us through all challenges.” He quotes 'A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.'“Diversity in thought of each individual client makes every project a customized solution. Different clients approach the interior designer with a different challenge. While some clients are lost on of how to start, others may have budgetary issues,” agrees Ankush.

Some challenges faced by ANSA as interior designers are- maintaining timeline, working on a budget, reliable connections and resources, creating functional & sustainable spaces and value addition of clients’ space.

ANSA Interior Designers act as consultants to ensure one gets what they want and need. The firm makes layouts, supervise the site, and help you in purchasing, ordering & over seeing budgets.

The core competency of 'ANSA' is transparency in business besides understanding that as designers they have a social responsibility towards creating a world which is ecologically balanced as well as creating spaces which uplift human spirit.

'Commitment' is the one most important benefit the clients can expect. And Ankush believes,“One satisfied customer will get us many more, and one dissatisfied will hamper many-many more. One major aspect that stands 'ANSA' different from others in the same field is that we are not 'static'. We evolve every day in style,
technology and company's management. To create our own vocabulary in design, interiors which are timeless and priced possessions has been our thought behind every project.”

The company's expertise is reflected through its clientele which includes names like Hotels in Bangalore, Agra and Srinagar, Golden International, Shri Ram World School (A unit of Sachdeva Public School), Shopping Mall in Mauritius, General Motors showroom in Jaipur, Mansion in Washington and HNI residences.

The old saying 'Slow and steady wins the race', perfectly describe the journey of ANSA since inception. Perseverance, consistence and being responsible have led ANSA to achieve astounding outcome. The annual targets set by the firm are realistic and have always been achieved. The major contribution in ANSA's growth has been the welcoming change. This field requires 'flexibility in attitude' to be ever-growing. Constant studying of new designs, material and technology; investing in a system which reduces errors and learning to listen to clients dreams and complaints, has developed 'ANSA' as a brand today.

“Believing in our capabilities we have set a realistic 10 year goal which is to be named amongst the top 20 interior designers of the world. To achieve this we improve and improvise every day to deliver performance necessary to achieve the target. As designers, we are working on loosening classic rules of design and innovating new styles by marrying different styles into creating unique spaces,” adds Ankush.