Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management: Enhancing Employee well-being & Elevating Productivity through Expert Health Evaluation

Prof. Adrian Kennedy ,CWOThe global corporate wellness consulting market, as per Grand View Research, witnessed a valuation of $1190.87 million in 2022, with projections pointing to remarkable growth, reaching $1910.73 million by 2028. Corporate Wellness Consultants serve as key catalysts in the corporate landscape, entrusted with the vital mission of elevating employees' overall well-being and productivity. Currently, the corporate wellness sector is shaped by notable trends, with a growing emphasis on a holistic approach to well-being, incorporating elements such as remote work support, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and the integration of digital health solutions.

Despite these promising developments, clients in this realm face multifaceted challenges, encompassing the need to demonstrate tangible returns on wellness program investments, effective employee engagement, the management of privacy concerns surrounding health data, and adaptation to the ever-evolving dynamics of remote and hybrid work models. In this complex landscape, Arabian Wellness and Lifestyle Management specializes in health evaluation and lifestyle interventions for employee well-being within workplaces, offering a range of healthcare solutions through virtual and real-time platforms to address the diverse challenges of the corporate wellness domain.

Implementing Innovative Methodologies & On-site Health Programs
Established in 2014, Arabian Wellness and Lifestyle Management (AWLM) traces its heritage to 1970 when Prof. Kennedy, the current Chief Wellness Officer, began his journey in health management, initially overseeing TATA employees' well-being. His expertise grew as he assumed the role of Managing Director at Apollo Life, pioneering corporate wellness in India with the Confederation of Indian Industry. In 2014, he expanded his visionary approach to the United Arab Emirates, founding Arabian Wellness to enhance worker health and organizational productivity in Ras Al Khaimah, a region synonymous with international tourism and robust industrial sectors.

“Employees are the most valuable assets for any organization. Their health and well-being are directly related to organizational performance, efficiency, and profits. Many chronic diseases can be prevented by Lifestyle changes and modifications in Nutrition and diet, and through Dependency management and safety practices”, affirms Prof. Adrian Kennedy, Chief Wellness Officer. Arabian Wellness and Lifestyle Management (AWLM) strives to establish evidence-based approaches to enhance employee health and productivity.
AWLM aims to lead global corporate wellness, introducing innovative methodologies and on-site health programs, including the AHYUSH app, all while upholding a rich history and a steadfast commitment to employee well-being, cementing its status as a global pioneer in corporate wellness.

Arabian Wellness and Lifestyle Management provides a wide array of services aimed at improving the well-being of schools, corporations, and the community. The firm’s services for schools and corporates align, conducting health and lifestyle screening for about 10,000 school children and 20,000 corporate employees annually. This screening covers medical aspects like dental, ENT, eye, hypertension, and diabetes, along with broader health concerns including diet, exercise, fitness, stress, sleep, smoking, alcohol, and safety.

Providing Corporates with Lifestyle & Health Managemnet Systems
The professional team of Arabian Wellness and Lifestyle Management consists of physicians, dieticians, fitness experts, and psychologists, and gives personalized counselling on both lifestyle and health management. “Every corporate and school client undergoes an annual health audit, which meticulously tracks changes in key health parameters including hypertension, diabetes, cardiac risk, dental health, fitness, obesity, stress, and more”, adds Prof. Adrian Kennedy. Engaging health workshops led by experts cover a range of topics suitable for both children and adults. Furthermore, Arabian Wellness promotes community involvement through monthly health activities, encompassing sports events, weight loss challenges, and diabetes challenges. These extensive services, available both in the virtual and physical realms, catalyze vital behavioral changes that benefit employers, employees, and the wider community.

Arabian Wellness stands out through its seasoned leadership & comprehensive approach, making a lasting impact on corporate wellness & community health

A Fascinating & Harmonious Blend of Seasoned Ex¬pertise & Innovation
At Arabian Wellness, the leadership core resembles a fascinating blend of experience and innovation, with Dr. Raza Sidiqui, the Group CEO of Arabian Health Care Group, and Professor Adrian Kennedy, the Chief Wellness Officer of AHG Group, at the helm. Dr. Raza Siddiqui stands as a venerable figure, boasting more than three decades of experience in healthcare, hospitality, and real estate. His influential work in medical tourism, including the promotion of India as a prime destination and the establishment of the UAE as a premier medical tourism hub, is a testament to his impactful career. On the other end of the spectrum, Professor Adrian Kennedy holds a Ph.D. in Holistic Health from La Salle University in the United States.

With a career spanning over four decades in the realm of Corporate Health and wellness, he represents the pinnacle of expertise in the field. His extensive contributions include numerous books, awards, research papers, and a steadfast focus on School Health, Corporate Health, and Wellness HRA. Together, this leadership duo represents a harmonious blend of seasoned expertise and forward-looking vision in the domain of wellness and healthcare management within Arabian Wellness.

A Remarkable Growth Journey
The firm has embarked on a remarkable growth journey with a steadfast commitment to promoting health and corporate wellness. “We currently serve over 20 corporates and around 10,000 employees in Ras Al Khaimah, and 5-6 schools encompassing 5,000-6,000 children. “Our community initiatives, including the Annual Weight Loss Challenge and Community Diabetes Challenge, positively impact 10,000 lives and 5,000 diabetics, respectively, each year", explains Prof. Adrian Kennedy. The firm’s impressive list of awards, including 'Best Corporate Wellness Company in the Middle East' in 2017, underscores its excellence and innovation. Looking ahead, Arabian Wellness is poised to expand its consultancy activities to other Emirates such as Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, and the firm has ambitious plans for further regional expansion, aiming to make a meaningful difference in GCC, Africa, and India, reinforcing its position as a leader in health and corporate wellness.