Architect Narayan & Associates: Sustainable Designs for the Modern Corporate World

R L Narayan,CEOThe modern day corporate world is a lively and high functioning arena; needless to say the physical spaces that house corporates must embody the same spirit as well. Well-designed work spaces not only amplify the productivity of employees but also aid in building a stronger brand image for the organization. Having identified the up side of better designed offices, companies today increasingly rely on architectural consultants to infuse life and character into work spaces. However, not every consultant is capable or experienced enough to ensure top notch quality while implementing projects. “Lack of education in the corporate realty sector results in several projects suffering in terms of quality and timelines,”explains R L Narayan, CEO, Architect Narayan & Associates Pvt. Ltd.,a Mumbai based architectural and interior design firm. While some companies are great at the ideation stage, but if the implementation goes awry, the entire project suffers. To ensure complete client satisfaction in terms of quality, Architect Narayan & Associates renders end-to-end solutions.“We believe that an architect’s responsibility extends beyond providing design services. We ensure that our designs translate into quality deliverables which are installed with perfection,” Narayan adds. The company invests equal effort in terms of implementation as it does in terms of design.

Armed with a modern view to designing, Architect Narayan & Associates specialize in all fields of architectural projects ranging from five-star hotels, malls, corporate offices, commercial projects, residential projects, hospitals and institutional projects. Strengthened by 15 years of industry experience, the company today renders architectural consultancy & interior design turnkey solutions; MEP consultancy services along with project management consultancy. “With a 360 degree approach to architecture and interior design, we are capable of providing cost effective and design oriented projects,” says Narayan. This approach has earned the company several prestigious clients with names such as Kajaria, Britannia, Cornerstone, Brunswick, Danone, Reliance Energy and Hindustan
Times adorning the long list.

Adaptable & Flexible Designs to Keep Up with the Times
Organizations today look to maintain a contemporary feel in terms of building a brand. Thus keeping a modern outlook to design is essential for architectural consultants working in the corporate sphere. Architect Narayan & Associates believes in the same ideology and thus makes sure that a modern approach to design is adopted inside out. This ensures that the functionality and design aspect is connected in a symphonic manner.

The company has devised three strong principles - adaptability, flexibility, and design sustainability & energy efficiency, which are upheld while undertaking any project. “In terms of adaptability, we ensure that our designs are in touch with today’s international trends. We also make sure to adapt to new technology and systems in order to move along with the times,” explains Narayan. Being the forward thinking company that Architect Narayan & Associates is, it makes sure that its design and services are flexible enough to incorporate changes as and when the need arises. The principles of adaptability and flexibility have helped Architect Narayan & Associates render smart and efficient services to its clients.

The company has devised three strong principles - adaptability, flexibility, and design sustainability & energy efficiency, which are upheld while undertaking any project

Perfect Blend of Suitability & Design Another critical ingredient that provides Architect Narayan & Associates a clear edge over its competitors in the industry is the company's commitment to upholding sustainability and energy efficiency in its design methodology. As the world moves a head, taking care of the environment is climbing the priority list for almost every industry. “Sustainable design is not just a luxury but a necessity in today's times. Not only does it make designs environment friendly, but it also renders long term appeal to design,” elaborates Narayan.

Unlike other organizations that provide sustainable and energy efficient designs as a separate service, Architect Narayan & Associates has made this methodology an integral part of all of its projects.“When it comes to sustainability and
green building, we package this solution as a default methodology,” says Narayan. Although it might cause a slight rise in the project cost, its long term benefits outweigh the increased cost.

Infusing Modern Ideas to Design
Modular design has become an all pervasive methodology in almost all corporate projects. Architect Narayan & Associates studies global trends such as these and incorporates these ideas in its design. The company urges clients to adopt methods and technologies that can provide long term benefits. One such example is the high seating level of workstations. Several organizations are urging their employees to stay healthy by using these high work stations to stand and work for a few hours during the day. It is ideas such as these that have aided Architect Narayan & Associates stay in tune with the industry’s needs.

The company also understands that modern ideas must also be implemented well. To ensue this, the company insists on conducting a two-day workshop for workers/employees before any big project commences. This helps the workers understand modern material implementation. The organization also believes that the safety of employees/workers is one of the most critical pillars of a successful project. To ensure the same, Architect Narayan & Associates insists that contractors and clients make safety drills, safety instructions and safety gears mandatory for all projects.
It is this professional approach to work that has secured Architect Narayan & Associates a strong foothold in the industry. The organization has always leveraged technology to ensure quality deliverables by each of its departments. In the years to come, the company looks to incorporate technologies that will enable them to work from remote locations as well. With a strong understanding of modern trends and requirements, Architect Narayan & Associates is all set to achieve greater laurels in the years to come.

Key Management:
R L Narayan, CEO
A recipient of the prestigious Bunts Sangha Mumbai award, Narayan commenced his career in 1997 post completing his graduation diploma in Architecture from Institute of Environmental Design. 2008

Isha Narayan
After having completed her graduation in interior design in 1997, Isha has since accumulated vast experience in implementing interiors and turnkey projects across India.