Athena Consultancy Services: Your Talent Acquisition Partner!

Luna Mukherjee,FounderFor a company to reach the pinnacle of success, it becomes crucial for them to hire the best talent available, no matter what the business is. After all, the right kind of talent is what helps your company stay at the forefront and stand strong amidst the competition. With organizations competing against each other to acquire the best of people and engaging in the whole complicated process of hiring, many recruitment consultancy services are coming forward in the market that are taking this burden off the shoulders of these enterprises and are providing them with the best stack of talent that can help drive their business towards excellence. Athena Consultancy Services is one such company that is making significant strides in the recruitment market and is making its contribution to a growing economy. One of the most successful recruitment service providers in India, Athena Consultancy Services helps you find the right candidate for your job in a short period. “With more and more MNCs investing in the country today, many Indian giants are signing global projects on a large scale which is leading to an inflow of volumes of requirements. At Athena Consultancy Services, we are trying to address these requirements by identifying the best suited
candidate for our client,” says Luna Mukherjee, Founder.

Established in 1996, the company initially started with the only telecom industry and then gradually ventured into the IT sector and manufacturing industry. At present, it is offering its services in various verticals of the market where it generates candidates through well constructed advertising campaigns coupled with a vigorous analysis of its internal database. As an industry leading firm, the company has had 22 years of experience in the recruitment industry and has managed to carve a strong position for itself in the ecosystem. The consultancy firm first targets and identifies the right candidate for its client by developing a good understanding of their demand. In the case of a niche profile it also supports them through Industry mapping and Research.

With a highly dedicated and experienced team of 37 professionals in place, Athena Consultancy Services made its way through the hurdles and has emerged as one of most powerful players in the market

Overcoming the Adversities
As nowadays with internal recruitment gaining momentum, most of the organisations have set up their internal recruitment team which has become somewhat of a challenge for these consulting firms. But with a highly dedicated and experienced team of 37 professionals in place, Athena Consultancy Services made its way through the hurdles and has emerged as one of the most powerful players in the market. “Our constant up-gradation of the database, referrals from every candidate and headhunting techniques help us to have a ready databank for most of the prevalent skills in the industry and that is the strategy that we have incorporated in our operations to stay ahead of our competition,” asserts Luna.

For exceptional and timely delivery of services, the company has received several accolades through¬out its journey and has been awarded as the ‘Best Vendor’ from Ericsson and ‘Star Partner Award’ from HCL Technologies. The company has gone above and beyond in its operation and continue to climb high on the ladder of success. It is now looking forward to expanding its presence PAN India and also diversify in the Outsourcing Industry.