Blue Dots Consultancy: Offering Result-Driven, Customized, Niche Education Consulting, Managed Training & Capability Development, and Documentation

Rajdeep Gupta, FounderA quality technical documentation is vital for the success and speedy launch of any product in the market. The work of collecting information, documentation, and making the documents accessible is often underappreciated. Most technical writers are struggling hard to document the products& services manuals due to inadequate information provided by SMEs, inability to understand the requirements or lack of technical knowledge/concepts. Leveraging his one decade of rich technical writing and management expertise, Rajdeep Gupta established Blue Dots Consultancy Services (BDCS) in 2014with an idea to provide end-to-end documentation life cycle management services to customers. This Bangalore-based company also offers Education Consulting, Managed training & Capability development, Talent management and IT staffing, and Back office services. Focused on its promise of ‘customer first’ and ‘process excellence’, BDCS provides its services on three stakes: challenges faced by client, reason why they come to it and what best BDCS can offer to satisfy the clients.“We feel very passionate about what we are doing and there's an element of Social Upliftment and our Value system. Our Vision and Strategy is very clear," says BDCS’ MD & Founder, Rajdeep.

Plethora of Expert Services

BDCS’documentation life cycle management services not just bridges the gap between SMEs and technical writers but also helps build capabilities for Corporates & Individual candidates (freshers, right out of college as well as experienced professionals) build their career in technical writing.
The company trains, teaches, coaches and mentors the candidates regarding various career options available while developing capabilities for them in distinct ways of creating high quality product & services documentation, manuals, standard operating procedures (SOPs). Additionally, it looks for areas where these qualified & trained Technical writers can contribute towards recent innovations across the industries. The adaptation of diverse communication devices such smartphones, tablets, laptops, and others enables BDCS to partner with leading platforms providers and implement innovative ways of documenting the products. Such market reach and knowledge empowers BDCS to help clients in purchasing, evaluating, implementing and configuring various technical writing platforms & tools as well.

BDCS targets college freshers, experienced IT and other non-IT professionals to help them choose, build and transform their career in different industries

Working predominantly as an education and training consultancy, BDCS targets college freshers, experienced IT and other non-IT professionals to help them choose, build and transform their career in different industries. BDCS conducts various assessments, sessions and webinars to understand the strengths & weaknesses of each candidate and recommends on what and how they can succeed in their profession by leveraging various courses, training programs and services as offered by BDCS.“We are disrupting the Education Consulting and Training & Capability Development space (Corporates and Individual) with our unique, results driven, customized approach, which has started to deliver and create success for every stakeholders and we have proof points to substantiate this,”claims Rajdeep.

Today,the industry at large is facing the never ending challenges
of quality talent and services. By doing a proper fitment analysis,enabled with needed capability development & training, on relevant products & service, BDCS is continuously addressing the‘talent scarcity & acquisition’ issues with its unique and flexible training models. With a clear vision, aligned strategy and deep focus on execution, BDCS’ placement achievement is consistent 90 percent+. “We think, we are poised for a big leap,” says Rajdeep.

Moving Ahead

BDCS has extended its wholesome support and encouragement to technical writing conferences and has been a regular participant and sponsor of TC world and STC India Chapter conferences. Partnered with some of the top brands akin to Adobe, Agile Point and many more, BDCS is all geared up to take the big leap. Recognized by STC (Society for Technical Communication in India), the company has aggressive plans to achieve ISO certification and increase its team size to 50 employees to fuel its objective of becoming one of the top consulting companies. “We want to grow by taking baby steps but at the same time, we want to ensure that we are focused on our clients, our strategy and vision. We have also been sponsoring and helping out the economically challenged students of the region in their career development,” claims Rajdeep.

Key Management:
Rajdeep Gupta, Founder

Passionate about technical communication, Rajdeep is a senior STC (Society for Technical Communication) member associated with it from 2007. Having taken various senior leadership roles, including award-winning STC India Chapter President, VP, Secretary and Program Manager for multiple STC India conferences, his decade of work experience has been from diverse industry starting as technical writer in Mobile Technology, Health and Banking.

Office: Bangalore.