Blue Inkk: Offering a client-centric approach to personalized support

Mayank Goel,Founding Partner

Mayank Goel

Founding Partner

The benefits of a more robust Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime are too hard to ignore, particularly as India is making huge strides in science and technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and culture. Despite the excellent defence of IPR, innovation and creativity will not be able to flourish. Since the inception, Blue Inkk ­ a cutting-edge IPR solutions provider ­ is a firm believer that IP laws, irrespective of the situation, should be upheld in an equal, non-discriminatory, and nuanced manner. Headquartered in New Delhi, the organization is one of the latest players in the IP services industry that bears an old soul.

Blue Inkk offers complete IPR-related services with experience in trademark, copyright, patent, and de-sign. While offering a comprehensive range of services, it keeps in mind the sanctity of the IPR laws and its clients' interests. To meet these needs and provide clients with effective IPR solutions, the company has a variety of domain-expert advocates working together. The client-centric approach being its USP, the company makes sure that it does not bombard clients with legal jargon but straightforwardly offers solutions to make the point clear. The organization ensures that the customers have a clear image of the solutions and options that they have before them.
Different IPR Offerings and Solutions
The services provided by Blue Inkk cover the complete solutions spectrum related to the IPR trademark. These include trademark registration and the assistance with litigation nuances that come with owning such a volatile IPR. So far as trademarks are concerned, the company recommends a broad range of prosecution of trade-marks. The business does so by keeping in mind the commercial interests of the consumers, the local rules of the region in which the consumer wishes to advertise his / her brand and the long-term enforceability of the trademark laws. Blue Inkk helps to provide legal assistance when it comes to representing the clients in the trademark office, the IP appellate board and Internet Exchange of India in regards to the maintenance and prosecution of the trademark.

Copyright services offered by the company secure the rights of artists/authors of cinematography/music / literary and other works to be produced/used. The company's practices offer advisory and assistance services in filing and prosecuting the applications for copyright registration, agreements for licensing, managing cancellation of copyrights on behalf of the clients and presenting their case before the copyright office. The company offers a complete assistance in enforcing copyright and thus pursuing administrative remedies before various tribunals across India.

Design is another service offered that protects the pattern/color or combination/shape used in the design of the product. Through investigation of design in which the novelty, and the uniqueness of the design is put under scrutiny. By ensuring thorough investigations prior to the design registration filing process, the team ensures that the design has the chance to be registered.

The company also provides a patent service where industrial inventions that are novel, valid, innovative, and exclusive can be granted patent status. The company protects the patent rights across the multiple sec-tors of chemistry, technology, pharmaceuticals, electronics and food related domains. Blue Inkk delivers a complete package of patent protection services that include patent search, patent investigation and thorough patent research of the behemoth IP databases to ensure that the applicant's idea is truly unique.

"The firm's revenue growth is growing at a rate of 15percent per month and we are expecting to add more services in the future." says MayankGoel, Co-Founder, BlueInkk. By being there to help people harness new opportunities, Blue Inkk makes sure that it is a partner of choice.