Bluemarlin: Brand Guardians Rejuvenating & Strengthening Businesses via Strategic Branding

Andrew Eyles, CEO“If people like you, they will listen to you but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you” these words by the American author Zig Ziglar clearly describes what strategic branding is all about! More than just plain marketing, advertising & packaging, branding signifies building a consumer experience that a brand promises to deliver. Consumers buy perceptions and stories not just products. Intrinsically, a good branding strategy helps ingrain trust and desired consumer outlook that companies expect from their products.

The year 1993 marks the ideation of the strategic brand & design power house, Bluemarlin. Exceeding brand expectations since inception, the organization has been accelerating businesses by building brands that live in the hand, heart and mind of the consumers. Leveraging an efficacious amalgam of modern aesthetics, strategic depth and creative adrenalin, it has been adroitly able to monitor people’s perception of a brand’s image via exemplary brand stories. “We are an insights driven brand acceleration agency bringing curious, imaginative, brave and strategic thinking to the forefront,” explains Andrew Eyles, CEO, Bluemarlin.

A Beacon of Hope Building Brands for Businesses
Bluemarlin is a strongly opinionated firm that firmly believes in understanding the
physiological and psychological aspects of consumers. Implementing this insight, it delivers meaningful & quantifiable growth to brands and businesses through its exhaustive service portfolio that encompasses, trend & market analysis, qualitative research, brand architecture, verbal identity development, brand planning/positioning, communication, innovation & NPD planning, and strategy & activation. Additionally, the enterprise proficiently renders brand identity, 3D design, and 360 brand experience services in the form of product design and packaging design to provide ultimate retail experience to the consumer.

Bluemarlin keeps the commercial success factor behind every design thinking, while staying true to the consumers’ needs and expectations, thus building a strong brand identity

With its international consultancy teams working across the globe, Bluemarlin effectively serves its clients through a globally integrated team of strategists, graphic & structural designers, and production & project managers. Liberating brands from the ordinary, these ‘brand guardians’ and ‘lighthouse keepers’ keep the commercial success factor behind every design thinking, while staying true to the consumers’ needs and expectations, thus building a strong brand identity.

Researches & Strategies that Rejuvenate & Strengthen
With growing competition, the race for consumer attention is getting tougher. Brands from all sectors are competing to be at the top of the consumer’s mind. At this crucial moment, Bluemarlin champions customer needs with research backed intrusive designs, fusing with function and emotion to disrupt & delight. Consequently, its out-of–the-box ideas and impactful brand strategies are to be credited for the success of its clients including Britannia, ITC, Adani, Marico, GPI, Sensodyne, Fiama, Vaseline, Cadburys chocolates, and Bournvita. For instance, after redesigning its look & feel, Britannia Treat experienced a 98 percent increase in brand awareness post launch, increasing its household penetration by 96 percent and rendering a 89 times RoI in just five days!

Moving ahead, Bluemarlin continues focusing on integrating strategic brand planning in the design thinking process. The firm also lays an adamantine emphasis on brands repositioning, NPD roll-outs and pioneering sustainable brand packaging. Planning to work with more clients in the US, Europe and UK markets, Bluemarlin continues maintaining a stronghold in Indian FMCG sector.