BrandLoom: Holistic Solutions Assuring Long-Term Sustainable Growth

 Avinash Chandra,  Founder & CEO

Avinash Chandra

Founder & CEO

Triangle Farms, a startup that was launching its own line of exotic vegetables in India, approached BrandLoom, one of India’s leading marketing companies, with an aim to surge ahead as their customers’ first choice. By closely working with Triangle Farms, BrandLoom pinpointed their target customers, finalized the name ‘Marble’, designed their logo, and built a story that forged an emotional connection with their customers. The company further surpassed the startup’s expectations by creating a website that clearly showcased their products and emphasized on how Triangle Farms go beyond organic farming to churn-out better quality products via cutting-edge farming methods that their competitors are yet to catch-up to all without compromising on affordability, sustainability and community empowerment.

“We offer tailor made solutions that guarantee good RoI. We pay great attention to market research and get data backed insights, which facilitate us to formulate an effective strategy that not only helps our clients find their market niche, but also sets them on a path of sustainable growth in long term,” explains Avinash Chandra, Founder & CEO, BrandLoom, who translates his two decade long industry experience to catapult his clients towards their industry pinnacle. The agency eclipses competition with its unique digital brand commerce approach,
which significantly increases its clients’ visibility, engagement with their prospective customers and business growth to not just standout amidst the competition, but to beat them. Furthermore, BrandLoom takes a holistic approach which not only builds their brand, but also increases their recall value in the market, enabling them to gain a set of loyal customers turned brand ambassadors.

BrandLoom formulates an effective strategy that not only helps its clients find their market niche, but also sets them on a path of sustainable growth in longterm

A One-Stop-Shop
A one-stop-solution provider, BrandLoom provides a wide spectrum of services, including Brand Consulting, Brand Design, Positioning, Development, Architecture, Personal Branding and Brand Extension, among others, under single roof for building a brand. Not stopping there, the company also evaluates the impact of its services via market research and social listening. It measures the increase in brand awareness & equity, improvement in brand insistence at retail or point-of-sale, branded searches on search engines, increase in revenue & market share, and other monetary gains to ensure that the client is moving in the right direction.

BrandLoom finds a holistic branding strategy which will seamlessly blend with their overall growth and marketing strategies. The company starts by developing a distinct brand story that resonates emotionally with their target audience and educates these prospective customers about its clients’ unique values and why they are the ones who are uniquely positioned to help them. “We always aim to establish our clients as authorities in their respective fields, which builds their brand reputation and helps them build their brand community,” remarks Avinash. Additionally, the firm also refers to various frameworks provided by experts like David Aaker, John Noel Kapferer and Erich Joachimsthaler while formulating effective branding strategies.

Spreading Wings
It is this perfectionism that has enabled BrandLoom to achieve a steady revenue growth since its inception in 2015(a whopping 50 percent in FY2018-19). Growing further, the firm that has offices in Gurgaon (headquarter), Delhi, Pune, Mumbai & Bangalore, intends to further strengthen its presence in Mumbai and launch an office in US/Canada in the next quarter. Taking such long strides, BrandLoom is well on its way to reach its goal of emerging into the most sought after branding consultant in India.