Startup Xperts: Transforming Every CEOs Growth Vision into Reality

Shyam Sekar S,Founder&Chief Mentor

Shyam Sekar S

Founder&Chief Mentor

The global consulting market has booked year-on-year growth in the past, but is still void of professionally-run business consulting firms focused on Startups and SMEs. Flooded with business consultants (rather individuals), some good and lot many with too shallow knowledge with lack of relevant expenditure/expertise, the industry need quality service delivery.

The top class Xpertians take ownership of clients’results and work with them in executing strategies

Startups and SMEs require more than just advisory support, someone who can walk along with them, draw strategies, drive the execution, and deliver results. "The 3Ds as I call (draw, drive and deliver) is essential for them to grow as an organization," explains Shyam Sekar S, Founder & Chief Mentor, Startup Xperts.

Hence, Shyam created Startup Xperts as an expert in building
Startups that understands the need of today's enterprises. Playing an advisor is just the beginning;Startup Xperts further walks along with the Startups in executing their strategies to ensure business success. With time, the company has emerged as a Business Growth and Consulting firm with an objective to transform CEOs growth vision into realistic, strategic, actionable plans that delivers results. Startup Xperts is the only firm that provides not just business consulting services, but also supports clients in execution, right from strategies across business development, operations and people function, setting up and driving smart sales, and build a strong brand & marketing presence through digital marketing. The top class Xpertians take ownership of clients' results and work with them in executing strategies. Under its 'Board of Entrepreneurs' brand, the company is engaged in building smart teams to deliver results, mentoring CXOs, business heads, entrepreneurs, provide boot camps, workshops for startups founders and aspiring entrepreneurs under the.

Acting as the Virtual CMO, on board, Startup Xperts advises board and founding members and drives their business to accelerate their revenue growth. The company has worked (and working) with many companies in the field of IT Software, ITEs, BPO/KPO, travel industry, media & entertainment, education, international brands, and also MNCs who provides products in consumer, commercial, aerospace and engineering."I have not come across an equivalent organization that provides the kind
of services that we offer," says Shyam. Building reputation and trust during its initial days have strengthened the company's foundation. With solid credentials, the company keeps clients information confidential, hence builds that trust factor which is essential to run today's businesses. The transparent, committed, determined, work milieu helps Xpertians be brutally honest and result oriented.

Moving Ahead
Engaging with clients in either retainership or project based model, Startup Xperts creates a win-win partnership/approach for both the parties and add value in the engagement. Within three years of its formation, the company is cash sufficient and is embarking on to bigger missions and opportunities as it moves forward. Appreciated by media and fraternity alike, Startup Xperts is gearing up to be the 'top of the mind recall' entity that Startups and SMEs should look forward to as a credible and trustworthy partner who can add value to their business or idea significantly.

Working on its Digital Marketing strengths, expansion of 'Board of Entrepreneurs' brand across Pan India, team expansion to provide Virtual CMOs to SMEs and Startups, and taking up time-bound roles to turnaround companies that is struggling to grow or facing growth challenges, are all the future cards the company is currently playing. It also looks for a potential partnerships or associations for an exponential growth of both firms/businesses.