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  • 20 Most Promising Business Consultants - 2016

    Even though businesses typically possess a wide range of talents, with perhaps some predicaments, ameliorations within the business, in the revised economic climate, or any other blind circumstances, can entail a need that cannot be satisfied with existing talents within the business – need for a special consultant arises. However, many organizations believe that the way to get into the competitive edge is hiring a business consultant, while others go for trial and error. Both approaches are expensive, one in terms of cash and the other in terms of time. Year-over-year, the global consulting market has marked a splendid growth, although the growth pace differ between the matured markets and emerging economies. With a total market size of around $250 billion, this fleshy...

20 Most Promising Business Consultants - 2016

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BDB India BDB India R V Krishnan, Founder, Founder A leading global business consulting and market research company which has been providing clients with solutions to expand their businesses in the Indian and international marketplace
Maleshaa Maleshaa Sivachenduran B, Founder,CEO&Chairman A business consulting firm specializing in providing consulting services from business idea seeding stage to making it a success.
Numerouno Numerouno K.Subramanian, Founder A business consultancy that actively undertakes Basic and Advanced training programs in the fields of Banking & International Trade Finance for major Banks and SMEs across the country.